Here Are the 5 Best Tablets You Can Buy in 2016

In a market that’s grown increasingly saturated, it’s really hard to figure out which gadget to buy. This goes in particular for tablets, with countless brands and models vying for your attention. So what is the best tablet to get this year? Whether you’re finally forcing your parents into the 21st century or looking for a side device for media consumption, our roundup of the top tablets in 2016 has you covered.

5. Asus ZenPad S

Asus released its ZenPad tablet lineup last year. You get multiple processing options with up to 4GB of RAM and a high-end Intel Atom processor. The 8-inch 2K screen is another great addition. Asus has done its best to utilise the screen real estate on offer by adding custom features. There’s a 2GB RAM version (with 32GB storage) on sale too and it costs around Rs. 29,000.

When considering the price and the release date, the ZenPad S deserves a place in the top 5 of our tablet buying list.


4. Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

This little nugget retails at about Rs 22,000 for the 16GB version and Rs. 28,000 or 29,500 for the 64GB version running Android or Windows 10, respectively. What’s a little amusing is that some users have described it as an Android tablet parading as an iPad mini. We don’t know if Xiaomi intended for this to happen, but what we do know is that it’s a stylish and a decent tablet. The general design may be a but similar but the tablet comes in plenty of colors and has a very different front compared to an iPad Mini.

If you want productivity, there’s a Windows version. If you prefer Android, you get that choice as well. Considering the specs on offer for the price, this is the best bang-for-buck tablet on our list.



 3. Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

This one retails for under Rs 50,000. It’s a lot smaller than what we’ve seen Sony come up with so far, which also makes it light and slim. Aside from waterproofing, its prominent features are its superb battery life and 1080p display. Additionally, it comes with a PS4 Remote Play feature that really won gamers over.


2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

Undeniably one of the best Android tablets in existence today. It retails for less than Rs 40,000 and in terms of hardware, it’s simply outstanding. It’s built for media consumption, hence the widescreen aspect ratio. Its a gorgeous tablet with decent hardware, which matches the newer models in the series in terms of performance. Additionally, you get a fingerprint scanner and IR blaster, something you wont find in many tablets.


 1. Apple iPad Air 2

It won’t really come as a surprise to anyone that the Air 2 is the best tablet on our list. It’s not the best performing tablet out there and its not Apple’s latest. The reasons it made it to the top is because it price has gone down ever since the newer models came into the market. For the price, it is a very good tablet.

You can buy the crown-winning tablet for a price ranging from Rs 46,000 for the 16 GB variant to Rs 78,000 for the 128GB version. It also has new, better cameras. If you are out to buy a tablet for some daily browsing and rare media consumption, the iPad Air 2 is good buy. The aspect ratio wont fill your entertainment needs but as far as the specs go, its the best one in this list.

Unless you prefer Android or something more productive like Windows OS, this is the tablet to go for if it is in your budget.


Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro (Honourable Mention)

Lenovo’s Yoga lineup of tablets is astoundingly unique and practical. Where other manufacturers keep building similar large slates, Lenovo took a different approach which offers you a better grip and control while also enabling the manufacturer to experiment with some new features.

Yoga Tab 3 Pro was not included in out main list because it may not be for everyone. But for what it offers, it deserves to be mentioned when talking about the top tablets.

The Yoga Tab 3 Pro comes with a 10.1-inch 2K screen and humongous 10,200mAh battery which can keep your tablet running for days. The most prominent feature is the built-in project so you can enjoy your movies on a large display. Lenovo manages all that by adding a circular column on one side of the tablet which contains the projector, the battery and the kickstand. The latter is very useful when you want to place the tablet in any direction. It’s a complete multimedia powerhouse with great stereo speakers and a more than decent 13MP rear camera. If you can spare about Rs 76,000, this is the tablet you should buy.


Note: Only devices which are officially or unofficially available in Pakistan made the list. Popular tablets like the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet, Google Pixel C, Amazon Fire 6-inch, Nexus 9 were removed because of their limited availability in Pakistan.

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  • I would still recommend Everyone to buy Lg g pad 7.0 v430, its around 8k(sim locked) n 9k (sim unlocked)4000 mah battery, u can use for full 2 days,the 1gb ram works like 2gb, the only down side is 8gn internal memory(which is expendable)

    • sahi kaha dost aur 8k main intehai set tab hai woh, Way way better then qmobile, dany and other crap in same price.

      But yeh 8k main Karachi main available hai easily? Maine Dubai se mangwaya tha ek deal main aur itne ka para tha mujhe but not sure ke abhi bhi Karachi main I can get a new one in same price.

          • Can we compare a laptop over a pad when there is requires only calls sometime over skype and etc

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          Baki deals kafi sites par hoti hain few are
          souq dot com
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          jadopado dot com

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