Karachi Resident Gets Rs. 2.39 Billion Electricity Bill

One resident from FB Area Karachi got the shock (a non-electric one) of his life when he received an electricity bill of Rs. 2.39 billion for the month of June 2016 from our own K-Electric.

Bill amount is arguably the highest ever in value for an individual and probably few more instances of such bills would be enough to clear the circular debt of the distribution company.

The man who lived in a not-so-posh locality of Karachi, could not have used this much amount of electricity units, much less pay it.

Here’s the copy of the bill for your eyes:


The development resulted in more headaches for the man and the power company, once the picture of the bill went viral on social media.

Social Media Shocked (and Mocked)

The picture of the bill has been shared extensively across social media, with many people mocking K-Electric’s ‘automatic’ billing system.

The resident of FB area who was incorrectly billed, filed a complaint with the power company regarding the inflated bill he received.

He was, according to social media, first asked to pay the bill in installments. All Rs. 2.39 billion of it. The company offered the guy to pay in three installments for some ease.

However, once the bill did the rounds on social media, K-Electric representatives must’ve realized their mistake, as opposed to the giant amount being a huge tip-off that all was not well.

Many avid social media users flooded the official KElectric Twitter account, trolling the service and hoping that they correct their error.

It seems that @KElectricPK twitter account has now clarified things once and for all.

Karachi’s sole power company has billed the correct amount to the consumer in question, and this record has also being electronically updated online as well.

At least the Rs. 2 billion electricity consumer might have a good story to tell at all the Iftar parties he will be invited to this month.

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  • cant say but there is something fishy here!! but there is an KElectric reply on twitter so i speechless,,,, !

    if you see the historical amount in the physical bill they all are in 4 figures(3500 3500 1430 and so on) but when you look at online bill page all the amounts are in 5figures (45267 45569 44236 and so on)

    • Exactly I saw the same thing, when I viewed duplicate bill online. Its strange because in the current bill it shows previous paid bills in the range of 2k-3.5k where as when you see those bills online those all say above 40k. I am unable to understand this thing. You are right, but its not something fishy, the whole thing is FISHY…

  • This is not technology and worthy news! I think you are degrading your blog for just getting some 100s clicks of traffic….

  • In winters no matter how much electricity I use, bill never exceeds Rs.2500. And this summer (May-16) nobody was at home and the bill was Rs.4000. (There’s no kunda system in our area so my electricity was not stolen that’s for sure).

  • people have NO idea wtf is happening.
    the FUCBOIS at K.E have no idea what they are doing, except robbing us BLIND !

    bill at my home for past FIVE months LESS than 7k.
    bill at my home for THIS month … 23k … WTAF ?!

    • Yes this month bill was almost double for me too and that too on average billing. Most of the time they never bother to come and get the readings.

      • exactly … i can’t believe the amount of laziness and lethargy exhibited by K.E.
        hopefully some rtd Col. takes over and whips these people into activity !
        just like the cricket team is being beaten into shape atm :D

        • Bhaiyo! Nawaaz Shareef kay payaray Saudi “benefactors” KESC kay malikaan say aap log aur kiya expect kurtay hein?
          People who need foreign labour to manage their own country and companies, and treat us as slaves in their own country — do you expect them to treat us fairly here?
          Every Arab owned company in Pakistan has its own top management, whereas in their country its either Saudiasation, or Kuwaitisation, or Qatarisation or emiratisation. ..
          When our leaders keep all their money (close to US$ 50 billion for Zardaree and Benazir (separately) in Dubai alone) — then what do you expect?? Will the leaders say anything to their REAL owners, and jeopardize their investments in Saudi and UAE and Qatar etc etc
          Humaree jaisee awaam yahee deserve kurtay hein!

  • Someone send these K-Electric Officials back to Kindergarten. They don’t even know how to subtract CURRENT METER READING from PREVIOUS METER READING. I bet their meters aren’t even digitally capable of recording these many digits they have show as billed units. Either this is a joke, or K-Electric officials have skipped elementary school :)

  • How come this (May 2016) bill is not shown on KE duplicate bill site? (just checked)

    Secondly April 2016 bill shows current bill of Rs. =3,162.92/- and Arrears as on 26-April-2016 for Rs. =41,841.35/

    This case must show atleast last two years billing to justify why 10 times arrears are charged every month …
    Secondly this seems like bill the consumer big so he will atleast pay his pending arrears and then the big amount will be removed to give him relief.

  • Billing history showing in original bill relate to current bill and in duplicate bill showing arrears+current bill

  • ye to Chalo 2 Arab Tha, Social Media pe Phel Gya, pta ni har Month har Bande se Kitne Hazaar Extra Lelete han.

  • Wow, this guy has consumed MORE electricity than K-Electric’s generation capacity.. lol. This is beyond amazing. 99,990,427 units = 100 GW in month or 3300 MW per day whereas K-E installed capacity is about 2300 MW. How stupid is this!

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