Slack Gets Voice Calling Feature for Teams

When it comes to team work, Slack is one of the popular platforms for collaboration.

Typing is the common method of communication between online working teams on Slack. This involves messaging in channels, direct messages, and group DMs.

But sometimes the direct approach is often the best. And that is why Slack has finally introduced the much-requested Voice Call feature for its popular platform.

How Does it Work?

Slack carried out months of testing and now it has made the voice call available on all platforms (Web, Desktop and Mobile).

Once you update your Slack app to the latest version, you can call up your co-workers and enjoy a Skype-style call.

Here’s how it works:

  • Windows, Mac desktop app users and Google Chrome users can call people up via the Slack Voice Call phone icon in the upper right of the channel header.


  • If you use the iOS and Android Slack apps, you can make calls by tapping “Start a call” in the Mobile app’s channel or via DM drop-down menu.


  • You can make one-on-one calls, and if you work in a team then you can make group calls in any channel or group DM. When a team member initiates a call, a message will appear and invite you to join the call.


Emoji Reactions Can Also Join in the Voice call

Emoji are awesome ways to express ourselves, especially when we are out of words at a particular instant.

Slack has included emoji support in the voice feature as well.

When you click on one of your pre-selected emoji, it will be displayed over your avatar for a moment along with a subtle sound.

These emoji allow you to express approval, disapproval, or raise your hand to ask a question ; all without interrupting the speaker.


With voice chat, will Slack be able to eat away some of Skype’s market share?

If you’re using Slack at your workplace, let us know how Slack’s voice call is working for you and how it has made your team work more effective and productive.

Image Credits: Slack Official


  • Why would anyone use Slack when on Skype they can do all of what Slack offers + video calls and so much more?

      • That’s Good, trying new things is fun. I also love to taste new innovations I guess everyone do so.

        But I was more like curious and wanted to know about people who are totally depending on this service and are using it in their business and for them getting a voice calling feature now is like a brand new amazing thing which they can finally enjoy and do voice calls LOL I mean when in the rest of the world this is getting rusty old.

        Come on, nobody can be that stupid. I guess there must be something that I don’t know about this service which is why I post that comment here that may be someone among them will shed some light on me :)

        • It’s more like an intranet portal. Skype and Slack are two different things.

          A company can create a channel and all the employees can join it. You’ve got a public general chat, private groups, file sharing etc. On Skype you need to add individuals – on the other hand I can see all the employees in my company who are on slack and reach out to anybody. I don’t need their slack address or wait for them to accept my invitation or so. Slack is something like Vypress or MIRC in old days.

          • Thanks Faaria and Fayez Najeeb. Now it makes all the sense. Slack is more like a team collaboration tool with features like open channel and searching your entire archive, etc. That’s Cool (y)

        • Slack offers some features specifically designed to streamline work in offices like managing and organizing files, people on groups based on projects, office branch, office divisions etc. Also some features like quick search of all documents ever received by any channel i.e. email, dropbox, google drive all at one place. if an employ leaves his position in slack can be assigned to new employ and all work of previous employ becomes available to him

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