KPK Government Reduces Budget for Science & IT by 40%

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has slashed the budget for Science and Information Technology as Rs 690 million has been allocated in the budget for 2016-17 against Rs 1.15 billion for 2015-16.

According to the budget documents, Rs 610 million has been allocated for total of 32 projects out of which 26 are ongoing with allocation of Rs 567 million and 6 are new with allocation of Rs 43 million. The government has also set a side Rs 80 million current expenditure including salary/non-development.

Strategic Overview

Science and information technology continues to shape society in profound ways through e-governance and research & development (R&D), making the need for well-educated citizens having command on scientific and technical aspects pivotal to socio-economic development of the Province.

The Department of Science & Technology and Information Technology has undertaken various initiatives for utilizing modern scientific techniques, technologies and advanced information management and communication systems to improve governance, service delivery and enhance socio-economic prospects of the Province.

Working through two attached departments, i.e. Directorate of Science & Technology and Directorate of Information Technology, the Department strives to provide scientific solutions regarding R&D and information management to the government, academic institutions, local industry, and research & development organizations.

According to the budget documents following major targets will be achieved in this sector during 2016-17:

Future Plan & Priorities

  • Installation of open wi-fi in public places and universities Development of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Youth
  • Portal IT scholarship and base camp for idea
  • Generation and commercialization Provision of government services to citizens under one roof through Citizen Facilitation Centers
  • Promotion of academic research, development and innovation, and propagation of science culture in youth
  • Accelerating technology transfer for° communal benefits
  • Landscaping and diagnostic study of Science and Technology

Achievements in 2015-16

  • 6 projects initiated for greater efficiency in government departments with the use of ICT including IT Professional Training Centre for IT graduates and government employees, Prisons and Special Branch
  • Initiation of work on ICT Policy/Master Planning project
  • Introduction of biometric attendance system in all government departments and government hospitals
  • Fully automated and computerized system at° Hayatabad Medical Complex
  • 4 trainings on “Inquiry based learning” conducted for science teachers in Hazara, D.I.Khan, Swat and Peshawar regions in collaboration with Pakistan Science Foundation (Islamabad) and E&SE Department
  • 3 trainings of Biotechnologists conducted at° IBGE UOA, COBAM UoP, CIIT Abbottabad, and KUST & Hazara University

Key reforms initiatives

  • Merging Directorate of IT with the IT Board
  • Strengthening of traffic control and monitoring system
  • Citizens Facilitation Centers
  • E-showcasing of industrial and regional products and services
  • IT Excellence Centre
  • ICT based public services such as District e-services, domicile, e-procurement, e-recruitment, online° admission to schools and colleges

    • The entire province has less budget then single project in lahore. They have to work within very huge limits!

  • AMIN YOUSAFZAI It’d be great if you’d do a comparison of budgets of IT sector of all provinces.

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