SCO Awards AJK Network Upgradation Project to ZTE

Special Communication Organization has awarded a network up-gradation project for AJK to ZTE, we have checked with officials.

With this, ZTE will modernize SCO’s network in AJK after which SCO will be able to launch 3G and 4G services in the region.


Contract signing ceremony held at SCO Headquarters 

Project for the up-gradation of SCO’s GSM network was approved by planning commission earlier this year when some PKR 1.45 billion were allocated for the project from PSDP fund.

ZTE will be responsible for replacement of existing CS & PS Core Billing SMSC and part of Access Network of GSM system installed in AJ&K.

According to details, below elements are going to be incorporated in SCO’s GSM network:

  • Up-gradation to latest HRL version for 3G compliance
  • Redundancy solution for HRL to Ensure zero service outage Configuration of 1+ 1 (Active + Standby) and N+ 1 redundancy solution is available nowadays.
  • Up-gradation to latest model of MSC and UMG

After its implementation the long standing demand of AJ&K people for 3G & 4G services will be fulfilled.

It maybe recalled that another PSDP project for upgradation of SCO’s GSM network in GB is already planned.

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  • SCO doesn’t have 1800 Mhz band so what benefit will this up gradation made.SCO network major issue is RF planning secondly is the traffic management only with 900 Mhz SCO cannot bring change

      • Basically they don’t have band they are having only 5 Mhz band how they will manage qos

        • Ha haven’t you seen Telenor and Ufone still running 3g on 5mhz spectrum? They are even doing the same for density populated cities of Pakistan.

  • Other existing network should be given chance to start 3G and 4G services in AJK. But I think by the end of this June game is over and wait for next June and this is how government generates money for budget.

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