PPP, PML(N) Websites Hacked, Nawaz, Zardari Called the Most Corrupt Persons

With recent Panama Leaks without much action, the anti-corruption drive has been on the roll.

Inaction from judiciary, parliament or other state departments has irked the public to give up their hopes on the system and that’s probably why they have started to take the charge of things in their hands.

Cyber Haxors have just hacked and Defaced Pakistan Peoples’ Party’s official website and official website of Pakistan Muslim League (N) for United States, moments ago, leaving a very strong message for everyone.

There has been no details of any data breaches so far, but we are certain that server data must had been compromised.

ppp.org.pk and pmln.us are still hacked and defaced with a greeting message calling Mr. Asif Ali Zardari most probably the most corrupt person in Pakistan.

Below are the defaced pages and messages displayed on PPP and PML(N) websites:



  • Atif

    Our judiciary sucks… Middle fingers to judges and military for not taking any action against Corruption.

    • Chacha Ramzan

      Military awain??
      jahil insan

      • Syed Asad Ali Rizvi

        Military ko tu bara wala bambu dena chahiye, finger nahi.

        Kal ka newspaper dekho kaise banned organisations karachi mein rally nikal rahi thi…..

        unko sirf political parties ke against operate kerna hai aur business kerna hai karachi mein. chahe petrol pumps hon, shadi hall hon, bricks facotry ho, ya utility store hon

        • Yasir Mahmood

          O bhai
          Kiss banned organization ki baat krr rahe ho?

    • Shahid Saleem

      Why should the corrupt take action against other corrupt? Everyone has hands in everyone else’s pockets.

  • AllaH never let you sad Poor People

    • Evîl Prinće

      kehna kya chahtay ho ?

      • I am not telling you to ok man

        • Taha Najam

          Rip engrish

      • Sheldon Cooper

        mujhy bhi nahi samajh ai iski :3

  • Basalat Khan

    Dil khush hogaya! Allah hackers kou lambi umer day! Ameen.

  • Ali

    Recently Ashaq Dar said in parliament If poor people cannot afford to eat pulses they should eat chicken. This is how this government sees people of Pakistan as a piece of trash.

    • Syed Asad Ali Rizvi

      Hamza shahbaz shareef ki murghi jo bikwani hai :p

    • Shahid Saleem

      What do you expect government to do? Price control is evil and subsidies as any study of economy will show you ALWAYS ALWAYS lead to corruption of some kind.

  • Zawyar Ur Rehman

    Dil khush kr dita! :D

  • ImranG

    Thats what I keep saying. People need to understand that these people are biggest criminals in our country literally. How would you treat a person who has brutally killed 100 innocent persons including children and raped hundreds of women during raiding and looting millions of rupees from poor people home. Well, think about that and then think again that crimes of this NS and Zardari are far more worse.

  • Abdal Pti

    پاک آرمی زنده باد غلیظ جمهوریت مرداباد

    • Ali Mohsin

      L pr charh gai tumhari napunsuk aarmy. salay heejray!
      ghaleez suuar!

      • Sheldon Cooper

        political issues apni jaga, bhai roza hy, kio musalman ko gali de rahy ho. Thora khyal karo, islami bhai hy apka.

        • Ali Mohsin

          I didn’t curse him (why would I curse this poor guy?). I cursed (na)Pak Army and it’s corrupt ranks!
          As far as fasting is concerned, I haven’t been keeping any fasts. It’s just too hard to keep 19-20 hour long fasts, mere bhai (sara-sar ghair insaani aur unhealthy hai).

    • Ali Mohsin

      btw just looking at your name, I can tell your hero is the looter Shah Abdali who came from Afghanistan to loot our Indian (Pakistani) land. Hamari Army aur aqal-band pakistanion ka role model tau Shah Abdali kanjr hi hai..

      • waqas

        Hahahahaha bhai ap ne aj tak apne faide k elwa mulk e pakistan k lea kia kia hai batana passand farmainge ………. so plz auro pe ungli utane se pehle apne greban mein janklo

        • Ali Mohsin

          Bhai lagta hai aap k Afghani ya Irani ya Mongol ya Greek aba-o-ajdaad ki shaan mein mujh se gustaakhi ho gai hai, seems like I just stepped on your tail.

          I have been investing millions in Pakistani markets in last 10 years or so. What else do you want from me? I help people in my locality.

          Banda agar sahi baat ker raha ho tau bilawaja keechar nai uchaaltay mere bhai.

          Accept that your forefathers have been plunderers and looters (I am a progeny of native Indian of this land – hence my brown skin tone).

      • Abdal Pti

        پیارے جاهل بھائ میرے نام پر اتنی تحقیق اور گالیاں کیوں ارشاد فرما رهے هیں میرا کمنٹ تو جمھوریت اور آرمی کے متعلق تھا اور شاه ابدالی سے تعلق جورنے کی بجاۓ میرے نام کو گوگل هی کر لیتے تو آپ کو معنی بھی معلوم هو جاتے ،جو که تصوف میں ایک درجه هے ، اب آپ کهیں گے که مجھ میں تو ایسی کوئ بات نهیں ، تسلیم لیکن آپ کے نام کا بھی تو آپ پر کوئ اثر نهی پڑا ، آپ کا نام پرھ کے مجھے لگتاهے کے آپ کے ھیرو حضرت علی رع هوں گے جو کے هم سب کے هیرو هیں ، (لیکن اگر آپ کے هیرو انڈین سنگر لکی علی هے تو بھی مجھے کوئ اعتراض نهی آپ کا نام هے ) لیکن آپ کی گالیں پرھ کے نا تو آپ محسن معلوم هوتے هیں ( احسان کرنے والا) اور نا … چلو خیر

    • Yasir Mahmood

      Any Moderation For Comments @admin?

      • Sheldon Cooper

        yeah this comment needs moderation and a possible ban in case of continuity

  • Paki Site

    that’s true, I will dance when these 2 scums will die. i wish them a death worst than death of a dog. And I wish their kids die before they die, so they can see that all the money they looted is of no use now.

    • Sheldon Cooper

      u talk like lanister, sheldon likes it :)

      • Taha Najam

        A death like Ramsay Bolton. Devoured by his own hounds.

    • Shahid Saleem

      They will never die. Not in this country, not in any country of the world. You will die long before any revolution with “good” people arrives.

  • Ali

    isy kehty hain, dum laga kr jeena,,, Like Lion.. appreciable… The Way they Spoke…

  • Azi

    Good JOb

  • Nadeem Akhtar

    Dil Khush Kar Diya

    • Sheldon Cooper

      What’s with the picture
      daal me kuch kala hy

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    JIay Sheer, Jiay Sindh dharti
    Laanat ho jaahiloun pe jo inko vote detay hain.

    • Sheldon Cooper

      afsoos to tab hota hy jab educated log aisi parties ko support karti hain…sigh..

      • Muhammed Ovais Alam

        Sindh, Mehran aur aisi universities kay bhi to ‘educated’ log hotay hain :/

  • Rizwan

    Wow, such lovely words! Good job hacker. Dil khush ker dia.

    And I agree, military is also 50% responsible for the current Nangi corruption in Pakistan, bcoz sub kuch janney k bawajood military ne aankhein band ker rakhi hain.

    Military ka kaam sirf borders pe country ko defend kerna nahi, balke mulk k ander (In fact Govt. me bathey PNL-N or MQM jase), mulk Dushman anaasir se mulk ki hifazat kerna hai.

    Bacha bacha NS ki corruption ko janta hai, why can’t military see the truth?

    Now that Nawaz Shareef is out to UK, it was the best time for military to take over, throw all these corrupt politicians behind bars & hang them. And announce a free & fair election in the country. Or survival of this nation is getting tougher & tougher.

    • usama

      Where is judiciary why don’t they take any action?I know when military will take over people will start crying we need democracy look what happened to Musharraf back then military is not crazy to take over again.

      • Rizwan

        Judiciary is already licking feet of Nawaz Sharif. What do you except from them?

        Kal to tum kaho ge, NAB or Police kyn chup baithey ha, wo action kyn nahi lete???

        And by the way, I didn’t said k Military take over ker k Musharraf ki tarha politics k mazey lene lagey. I said military apni nigrani me election commision ko DANDA de k free & fair election kerwaye.

        • usama

          OH phir aap ke baat darust hai.

        • Abdal Pti

          رضوان صاحب آپ کی تمام باتوں سے اتفاق هے لیکن اگر آرمی نے اسی نظام کے تحت اگلے الیکشن کروانے هیں تو پھر اس سا رے عمل کا کچھ فائده نا هو گا ، جب تک صدارتی نظام کی طرف اور چھوٹے صوبوں کی طرف نهی برھتے ،

      • Abdal Pti

        ڈیمو کریزی ختم کر کے ڈیمو کریسی لانی هے تو آرمی کو تھوڑا سا کریزی هونا پڑے گا

    • Shahid Saleem

      Lol @ it was the best time for military to take over, throw all these corrupt politicians behind bars & hang them.

      Any military officer who does that has betrayed trust of the Pakistani public. Every martial law participant is 100% traitor by LAW.

  • Sanaullah khan

    This is the best thing i ever saw
    It means Pakistanis are waking up
    But i don’t understand how they get millions of votes if every one hates them y they get even elected
    Oohhh i know some of us hate them but we love money and we also love to sell our Pakistan to these blood sucking leeches
    Imagine if some one buys a seat by buying our votes then why the hell will that guy improve our living because we haven’t chose him he elected him self by paying us
    Poverty is the main reason a poor man don’t care and also don’t know who nawaz ass hole is and who zardari bastard is he just takes 500 or what ever they pay him and sells his vote

    Currept nation will get currept leader