Zong Offers 10GB Extra Data Per Month for all MBB Internet Bundles

If you were planning to buy Zong’s 3G and 4G MBB internet devices then now is the time, as Zong has announced this new Dosti MBB offer through which it will be giving away the customers 10GB of extra internet data on its 3G and 4G mobile broadband bundles every month.


Customers will continue to get 10GB extra internet data through rest of the year 2016.

Zong Dosti MBB Offer is valid for new customers only who will be buying Zong’s MBB devices between June 25th till July 31st.

Just in case if you don’t know, Zong offers 24GB, 50GB and 100GB per month data limits for its MBB customers.

With this offer, MBB Customers will get 34 GB per month instead of 24, 60 GB per month instead of 50 and 110 per month GB instead of 100 for the entire year.

Here are Zong’s MBB bundles that customers can avail with 10GB extra limit:




  • All prices are inclusive of taxes.
  • Customers purchasing the devices within the eligibility period will get 10 GB Extra volume till 31st Dec 2016 if they subscribe to any of the Bundles mentioned above during this time.
  • Zong MBB Dosti Offer does not apply on other than above bundles.



    • A Fraud with a seller.
      A person from Facebook group ( ISLOO BUY AND SELL ) ZONG MBB and he asked me to deliver it to Kachehri Chowk Rawalpindi. as per order i went there and bio metrically verify a MBB sim and loaded 1500 rs. for a monthly package. his name was Farrukh ejaz and CNIC 3740535958843. he said i need to use nearest ATM for cash. i said ok …….after 30 min i called him on his cell no 03235088435 he said bhai just a min me aya….and after 1 hour i called him but no response.. i change number but he did not pick my call. NOW what he did he went to Adyala ZONG franchise and asked them that i just purchase NEW MBB ZONG device and i lost my SIM so they blocked original SIM that was with me and issued a new sim to that guy. after that i went to ZONG office and they said you lost it.he was a Fraud we are sorry we can’t do anything.
      after some struggle i find his detail and i just want to warn you guys. May be my effort will next time save you or your friend.
      as per CNIC 3740535958843
      NAME Farrukh Ejaz.
      Cell 03235088435
      Address 1= House No CB1664 Street no 6 Jhanda Chichi Rawalpindi.
      2nd address= House no F242 mohallah new Katarian.
      DATE 27/09/2016
      Khuda k Lia khud bhi in jeso se Bacho or Logo ko bhi Share karo

    • just go to zong franchise and ask for data sim replacement(free of charge), and you will also get 10gb extra per month.

      • All Zong Mobile Broadband devices will work only with Zong Mobile Broadband SIMs sold with the device. Internet will not work if you use any other SIM with any Zong Mobile Broadband device. This is effective from 24th? can i use new data sim

        • That is not true. Because what if you misplace your data sim or it gets snatched? You really think that would render your entire device useless? Just block your old sim, get a replacement, pop it in and you’re good to go.

        • Bro the representative itself charging you company is not and these rupees will go into his pocket

        • Ask about the data sim for 3g/4g device, me be thay are confusion it with regular sim.
          Ya wo apni dihari laga raha banda 400 ki. Because i did not even asked for the new sim and they still pushed me to change the old one for free.

            • No you only need to tell them the old number and show them your nic. They will cancel the old and register the new one for you.

        • I got new sim for 100rs but this did not worked as i got 50gb again so dont waste time :(

      • Yar ni work karta serf new activation data sim par hai offer sad news for old users

        • Wo pichli data sim deactivate kar daity hain oor new data sim hi active karty hain with new thumb registration.. So it works.
          I did not evwn know about the package and they almost pushed me to change to new one. So i was like if its free then do it.

    • Zong is offering 5 GB loyalty to old customers. And this is a marketing strategy to to get new customers as Zong MBB devices are rocking with 90 percent share in market I suppose.

    • Speed varies place to place. You are correct sometime it is around 1 Mb, but not quite often.

          • Don’t mind bro but do a quick search about what is pulse rate and what is Internet speed and what is network spectrum frequency. You will understand the difference then

            • The pulse rate is a measurement of the heart rate, or the number of times the heart beats per minute. Is it ok if i may call you kid, i have white hair and father of 2 kids. Pulse rate is not measured in Mb.

              • Yep he was talking about the heart rate offered by zong 4g connection lmao. How very sage of you uncle.

              • Lol sir i pity on you but pulse rate in networking is idle data charging rate from which mobiles and network communicate with each other. Zong is charging 1MB per pulse means when your device checks for Internet in idle when you are not using Internet it will consume 1MB of your data and this will continue every half a minute so you will lose a hefty amount of MB’s but in other networks the pulse rate is 64KB so data consumption will be less. That’s what i m talking about. Hope you will understand this time

                • TIL. So you mean I should switch off my device when not in use in order to preserve data?

                  • Maybe but that is only if you are on Zong and on other networks it doesn’t matter

                • Ah, very helpful. Now I understand why zong data bundles end up so quickly. No idea what the F*ck Zong had in mind while implementing this nasty feature.

    • Hey, can you provide some more information regarding pulse rate?
      Do you mean the least unit of data usage per connection?

      • Unfortunately nobody know why he used this word pulse rate. Apparently we are trying to establish its meaning. please stay turned. :)

        • Actually pulse rate is layman’s term. The actual technical terminology is MTU, which stands for maximum transmission unit.

    • It is not 1 MB. At least not in my case. Never saw volume going down when modem is idle.

          • Yes. How much does it cost. Also do I just need to ask for a replacement sim and keep my existing number, or get a new brand sim altogether?

            • I purchased Zong Data Sim few months ago and as far as I can remember it’s costs me Rs200 + Rs1500 for monthly 24GB Pkg.

            • If you buy new sim then it should be like 100rs-50rs and if you replace then they would do it for free mine also got replaced for free

  • Few days ago i went to my local Zong franchise to recharge my 4G device and they were offering Data Sim replacement(Free of charge) to every old 4g/3g device customer there. I got mine replaced too with the new one, deposited 2000 and now i have 60GB data volume. So apparently you only need a new data sim to avail extra 10GB.

    • Go to your nearest franchise and ask them for data sim replacement free of cost.

      • on which date zong started this offer ?
        i got 10 gb extra on 50 gb , on 13th june but text described it as ramdan offer (not as dosti)

  • KMQ ne yeh news 10 din pehle de di thi. Aur tab kisi ko hosh nahi aya tha article chapne ka.

  • i have got a zong mbb device from my friend, it is without data sim card. how can i use it now??

    • Just purchase a data sim from Zong and insert it in device and start using it. But dont forget to turn on the device :P

          • no it cannot be used with every zong sim , you have to get sim locked with device from franchise . i have tried it .

            • No. MBB devices can be used with any Zong data sim even it also work with traditional sims. Devices are network locked to Zong. So all Zong sims are supported. I am also using a different data sim in my device.

  • I like Zong dong. Extremely stable internet service. Their up time is above 95%.

  • Good marketing move considering that telenor is launching 4G services in few months time.So they want to grab customers before that.

  • well i got 10 gb extra on 50 gb , on 13th june but text described it as ramdan offer !

  • They are following the PTCL’s strategy by offering extra amount for limited time.

  • Zong Paakistan is misleading the customer by the so called MBB. We had a very bad experience with it. I dont reccomend any one to buy ZonG MBB. When your balance is finished and you reload 2000 it will be finsined within 3 days and when you contact ZonG they will say why didnt you call us before loading. Remmeber later on you will repent and it is highly stealing your balance and exploid customera.

  • Zong Paisoon Ka Musheen hai Main Daily package lagata ho Har Waqat Mere Sim Se 25 Ya 30 Rupey Kat Ho jati hai ? I hate Zong company ?

  • What is the sign limits of the song mbb devices, I mean LTE wingle is good or mbb fiber home?

  • Real discouragement for exsting customers, dont want to do tricks for extra 10 gb, so not recharging from now on, got dreamnet 8Mbps unlimited for 2200/month with dedicated movie and game servers with download speed of almost 100Mbps. Farewell Zong.

  • Anybody know 10Gb Zong package for a month which costs 1800 rupees, how much balance we need to recharge to get this 1800 to activate package and what is short command for the same.

  • jinho ne pehle liye hain device un k liye bhi ye offer hai k nahi????????????

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