Namecheap Offers Domain Names for $0.88 a Year

Looking for a unique domain for your website? Don’t have enough money? Namecheap will help you solve that problem.

Probably the cheapest domain offer out there right now, Namecheap’s sale offers you a selection of domains for a mere Rs. 92 for the whole year. The offer text says:

The price is the only part of this deal that’s cuckoo. The rest is all sound logic and sensible choices. Every option on Namecheap’s list of 88-cent TLDs is a world-class extension that you’ll be proud to have on your website. You can register as many as you like, and these domains come with all our standard extras. So, snap to it – get busy registering right away.

The deal comes with all the bells and whistles that come with a regular domain deal on Namecheap. You get a Comodo PositiveSSL certificate and a WhoisGuard one year subscription with this deal for free. These two are only available for the first year only though.

Here are all the TLDs you can get for 88 cents a year.


The deal itself is available for $0.88 for the first year only, the regular fee will be charged for renewal of any domain name you acquire. Keep in mind there’s an additional $0.18 fee by ICANN.

Freelance bloggers or budding entreprenuers are often one man shows, that means you have to pay for everything out of your own pocket until you start generating revenue. For that matter, getting the best domain name deal is important for your web presence.

Namecheap’s offer ensures that you get the right deal for the lowest cost out there, which can be a life saver for those on a tight budget.

You can avail the offer here.

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