Meet Bobby from Faisalabad Who Built His Own House by Earning Online

We often hear about people who do some part-time work online. They look at freelance work as a way to make up some extra cash, as a means to meet the daily household expenses, or to indulge a luxury or two.

It’s rare to hear about someone who solely relies on their online earnings and makes a great living out of it.

Bobby, a graphic designer from Faisalabad, is one of those freelancers. This is his story and how he managed to buy a house from his online earnings.

Bobby’s Background

Bobby, who belongs to Faisalabad, has been a graphic designer for six years. He freelances on Fiverr and his sole source of income is the money he makes from the freelance platform.

Bobby’s brother introduced him to Fiverr, a place where you could get have your work done for just $5. He was amazed and planned to outsource some of his web, graphics designing and animation projects on Fiverr.

His Story

Soon after, Bobby read a success story about a Fiverr seller who had bought a house only with the money he made from Fiverr. This changed him and he made it his goal to buy his very own house by being one of the best sellers on the freelancing platform.

Bobby signed up as Wingle on Fiverr and created his first Gig (a freelance service on Fiverr). Planning on getting a good first impression, he wrote a detailed description of his service and included some of his previous work samples.

Within a week, Bobby made his first sale. Fortunately for him, that was the start of a great freelancing career. He made 70 sales in the same month and started getting recommended by his clients, enhancing his sales volume in the process.

Some time later, Bobby’s bestselling Gig got featured on the Fiverr website, resulting in even more sales and popularity. Soon after, Bobby got the “Top Rated Seller” award for satisfying many clients.

Bobby says that he makes all of his income through Fiverr. When he started, he paid off his debts with the money he made.

Soon after, he paid for his wedding expenses by himself.

It took him only three and a half years, ever since he started on Fiverr, to earn enough money to buy his own house. He currently lives there with his wife and daughter.

How Fiverr Made Him a Successful Freelancer

‘You don’t have to find projects,’ says Bobby. This is the greatest benefit of Fiverr. He believes that you have to present your best work and the rest will take care of itself. Potential clients end up choosing freelancers whose service quality is superior.

Instead of focusing on getting new projects, Bobby was always looking to improve his work. This was the secret to his success on Fiverr.

Bobby claims Fiverr has changed his life. He was able to achieve his dream while working with complete freedom.

He can still spend more time with his family than he could’ve had in a regular 9-to-5 job.

Bobby’s Advice for New Sellers and Freelancers

Bobby says that anyone who is just starting his freelance career, should always provide original and high quality work.

He rates communication as the most important factor in retaining regular customers. A freelancer should always look towards quick and effective communication.

An unhappy customer can always become a happy regular one if he/she is treated nicely. Bobby believes that the key lies in how you market yourself.

We wish Bobby the best of luck in his future endeavors and hope that many more Pakistanis are inspired by his example.

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  • Lots of respect and best wishes for Bobby.

    Lakin yar wasa ajeeb he trend chal parda ha,
    – Ma na online earning sa ghar bana leya
    – Ma na saal ma itna millions kama leya
    – Ma na itna crore online earn kia ha…
    Bhai sab ko pata ha online business ki bohat se types hain, aur bohat sa Pakistani developers, designers, programmers online services da raha hain (aur acha business kar raha hain).
    Lakin ya wordings kuch professional nahi lagtin.

    • news like this is necessary to break stereotypes of our society which demands “govt ki pakki job” instead of using their talents and choose their own path to success while adding to economy and stability of country at same time.

      • Yes might be right,
        But people who are looking for “govt pakki job” usually don’t follow the kind of stories and may not even interested in online business (because it’s not that easy as govt. job is..).
        I have personally motivated several talented youngsters to work online, but most of them not shown their interest even they were looking for the jobs.

        I think title of story should be related to the Bobby’s work, and we should discuss how good he is in designing field (“Not” built house by earning online…).

        • Yes. I completely agree with your point of view. Money or material goods shouldn’t be focused as motivator or ultimate reward.

      • yes faarai, i totally agree with you. but at the same time we also need to hide his identity, his location, contact details & pictures nahi to target killers will be active

    • thanks for accepting, but dont say “professional” your should say “traditional”.
      aangutha chaap, camatey se saving karney waloon ko kaisy samaj aayee-gee.

      • Fiverr takes 20% commission so on every $5 gig you get $4. Also, you may upsize your gig so a gig could range between $5 and $10,000. Do the math now :)

        • yar if you are so smart & knows that all THEN why you did not have done this by yourself

      • your visible name shows your mentality and exactly this is what you are doing, actually this shows your personality and your brought up. counting on other’s money, huhm

    • this is not like a muslim, which islamiat book you have read which educated you to look at other’s plates/dishes and forget about your own or after eating your own…..! very bad

  • Appreciated!!!! Its great and we have 1000s examples are we have now because i was an example in 2012 when i buy my own house from the blog earning and i started in 2008 parallel with my job as Senior Web Designer and shared all my success stories with interested fellows and friends and some of these also earning good from blogs.

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