Apple to Debut 3 New iPad Models in 2017: Reports

The last earnings report from Apple indicated how important the tablet business still is for Apple. The last quarter saw Apple selling 9-percent less iPads, yet the revenue grew 7 percent thanks to a higher selling price. Now, it seems it could be bringing new models to attain whatever market share’s left in the tablets space.

A new report, courtesy of MacRumors via noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, indicates that three new iPads could be coming in 2017, including the first ever 10.5-inch iPad that can occupy the middle ground between the larger models. Other variants include a new, cheaper 9.7-inch model and a 12.9-inch model to sit either side.

There is no word given for the iPad Mini as he thinks the arrival of the larger iPhones could have quashed the demand of the smaller tablet, altogether.

More-important, however, are the big changes that Apple has planned for 2018. The year could see the company revealing a “revolutionary” AMOLED iPad model with a flexible display and “radical” design changes. No further details were given for the same.

As for the near future, Ming-Chi Kui lowered his expectations of the current line-up’s shipments, shunning it from 45-50 million to just 35-40 million tablets, given the lack of models which are to be expected this year.

The market for tablets has for long been considered to be fairly stagnant, but it now appears that we could be headed towards some exciting announcements finally. Or perhaps it could be the final hurrah for the market? Only time will tell.

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