Cameras to Record Traffic Violations & Challans Sent Home in Lahore

Imagine this. If you jump a red light anywhere near a traffic camera, a picture of your car’s number plate will be sent to your residential address with a ticket.

This scenario is set to become a reality in Punjab. A new set of traffic laws have been approved in Punjab which call for traffic violations to be recorded by cameras as well.

The new camera-based ticketing system (as seen in action in Karachi) will now be launched in Lahore. Measures for the same have been approved by Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif.

Will Traffic Wardens Go Out of Commission?

For areas having adequate CCTV coverage, the new system will be used. Traffic police will be better off managing the flow of traffic.

The system is suitable if one considers how traffic wardens cannot be available all the time. A camera working 24/7 will be much more efficient in keeping traffic violations in check.

However, the traffic cameras themselves will present new challenge for the authorities, as they will be vulnerable to tampering by unscrupulous elements.

Pending Official Approval

The new traffic laws, although they’ve been approved by Chief Minister Punjab, still has some hurdles to clear. Punjab Assembly has yet to officially announce its approval for the new laws.

Once the concerned legislation has been passed by Punjab Assembly, these cameras will then be able to spot and fine the trespassers from then on. The system is expected to roll out in other cities in Punjab after its implementation in Lahore.

Via Express News

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