Jazz DigiMark 2016 Reveals List of Speakers

5th Iteration of International Digital Conference – Jazz DIGIMARK 2016 is going to take place with the collaboration of TEC (Training, Events, Consultancy) and powered by Jazz.

The vision of DIGITAL PAKISTAN is being realized at a commendable pace and excites the stakeholders to find out what’s next. Pakistan is already set on the right path and advancing towards the digital revolution.

The future is here, and it will not be wrong if we say that the future is alluring for Pakistan.
A total of 600+ participants will attend the event, however, a footfall of around 10,000-15,000 people is expected at the “Show & Tell” Expo area during the two days of the event.

A list of speakers like none other, with renowned names of industry leaders from the Asian region will share their experience in relevance to Pakistani market.


The opportunity cannot be missed if you wish to or are already working in the digital landscape. The event is a must attend for Innovators, branders and designers, business leaders, agency executives, business developers, HR leaders, digital enthusiasts, marketing influences, web and mobile strategist, head of IoT and Publishers.

You can register for the event through the link below.

Mr. Zain Majid Founder (TEC) and Mr. Iftikhar Hussain Co-Founder (TEC) have a vision to provide Pakistan with a knowledge sharing platform to enable stakeholders to connect and grow together for Digital Pakistan.

“DIGIMARK is growing every year and now have speakers, panelists and supporters from across Asia. We believe, in the near future we will gather the digital fraternity across the globe for a brighter future of Pakistan”

  • What i fail to understand here is while there is so much buzz globally abt the critical role of women’s inclusion in tech, big entities – both private and public sectors – in Pakistan have categorically failed to realise that sustainable economic development is not possible without the ‘other’ half. And sadly… or rather infuriatingly… nothing is being done about it!

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