Pokemon GO Banned in Pakistan?

Earlier today, Pokemon fanboys in Pakistan were dismayed – and confused – when Pakistan Today ran a story on Pokemon GO being banned in Pakistan. After the initial shock wore off, the question arose: if Pokemon GO is not even available officially, how can it be banned?

Establishing the (Embarrassing) Facts

Since we like to do some background research and link back to sources, unlike most online publications in Pakistan, we tried to find the actual quotes and context.

Pakistan Today sourced the “Pokemon Go Ban story” to a fake satire website, which they thought was the Guardian Newspaper.


Pakistan Today, keeping in line with the way Pakistani publishers work, ran the story in all its glory with literally no background checks and verifications.

Let’s take a moment to collectively face palm here.


Look, we get it. We’re an online publication too. With the rise of ad-blockers, tougher competition and ever shortening attention spans, it’s really hard to generate revenue.

Being first to a story often means you get 10x the hits you would if you ran it late. But that doesn’t mean you completely forego any semblance of professionalism.

Key takeway? One Pokemon in hand is worth two in the bush. Oh and it’s NOT banned.

It’s not even PT anymore, although they deserve all the flak they will get for this. The devolution of online publications is something we’ve been personally noting here at ProPakistani.

Countless content spinners simply copy and publish our stories within minutes. Major papers take our top performing content and run it without any linkbacks. There’s very little thought going into the daily content produced for the public and that’s concerning for us a key player in this industry, so expect more callouts like these from now on.

And of course, if we screw up, tell us. We’ll own up and improve since that’s what our readers expect from us.

In the meantime, a plea: Don’t ruin your reputation and destroy any trust the public has for online publishers. You don’t get to be a journalist when it benefits you and call yourself a blogger when there’s blowback.

Image source: iamsquareenix on Youtube

Talal is a Director and the Chief Content Officer at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • It Must Be Banned… It’s Already Banned In Saudi Arabia Because It’s Haram As Gambling & These Card Things Are Haram In ISLAM.. This Game Also Contains Some Devil Symbols That’s Why It’s Banned In Saudi Arabia.

        • So you did not witness any gambling or symbols? But accepted their ban?

          Well, they banned Facetime, does that mean you refuse to do any video conferencing too???

          • Bhai Facetime Alag Chez Hai Wo Girls Ke Liye Achi Nahi Thi Kyun Ke Koi Bhi Call Karta To Without Kisi Invitation/ Request Call Ho Jati Hai..Girls Ke Liye Dangerous Thi Iss Liye Uska Ban To Banta Hai Aur Facetime To Pakistan Main Bhi Ban Hai I Think

            • > Bhai Facetime Alag Chez Hai Wo Girls Ke Liye Achi Nahi Thi Kyun Ke Koi Bhi Call Karta To Without Kisi Invitation

              What a loser you are. You think girls cannot click red button to ignore call? How weak you think people are. WWWWOOOOWWWW

              Saudi Arabia also ban mobile phones with cameras for most of 2000-2010 years. Now what twisted reason will you give for that ban? Is it because people could take pictures of girls??? Is that why it was banned?

              Then what happened, did people stop trying to take pictures of girls??? No? Why is camera phones no longer banned?

              These are MAN MADE LAWS not RELIGION BASED LAWS in Saudi Arabia.

              Same with Facetime, now I know that Google DUO has excellent video quality and has excellent crypto codes so it is as unbreakable as Facetime. So why ban facetime now? Any need for it when alternatives exist? No.

              • G Han Ban Kiye Thai 2000 – 2005 Main Becoz Apni Pic Lena Gunah Hai Lakin Mobile Phone Ke Itne Tezi Se Phaly Ke Saudi Government Control Na Kar Saki Aur Aaj Sabke Pas Smartphone Hai .

                • Oh okay, so I guess when Pokemon spreads it will also be unbanned and thus HALAL.

                  By your above logic.

                  Because once mobile cameras were HARAM and now they are HALAL.

              • Aurton Ko Parda Karwana, Burqa Main Rakhna MAN MADE LAW Hai?
                Azaan Ke Time Sab Karobar Band Hona Chaiye MAN MADE LAW Hai?
                CINEMA/BARS Nahi Honay Chaiye MAN MADE LAW Hai?
                SHADI Sadgi Se Honi Chaiye MAN MADE LAW Hai?

                • > Aurton Ko Parda Karwana, Burqa Main Rakhna MAN MADE LAW Hai?

                  Yes, otherwise burqa would be dress during Hajj & Umrah. It is not.

                  > Azaan Ke Time Sab Karobar Band Hona Chaiye MAN MADE LAW Hai?

                  Yes because there is no law and no punishment against keeping working when it is time for prayer. Feel free to find me the verse or hadis that proves me wrong if you can.

                  > CINEMA/BARS Nahi Honay Chaiye MAN MADE LAW Hai?

                  Cinemas are not same as bars and of course banning Cinemas is man made law. Did you know there used to be Cinemas in Jiddah before 1970s? Of course you didn’t. silly man

                  > SHADI Sadgi Se Honi Chaiye MAN MADE LAW Hai?

                  I am afraid that has nothing to do with mobile phones, Facetime, mobile cameras, or Pokemon. All of which banning in Saudi Arabia IS AND WAS 100% A MAN MADE LAW.

                  • > Wo Iss Liye Kyun Ke Hajj/Umrah K Doran Jo Log Hoty Hain Wo ALLAH Ki Ibadat Ke Liye Aye Hue Hoty Hain Wahan Lafangy Log, Buri Nazar Walay Nahi Aty Wahan Jo Log Hoty Hain Wo Aurat Ko Dekhenge Hi Nahi Khudi Sharam Se Nazarein Nichi Rakheinge….Aur Waisey Bhi Quran Main Hajj/Umrah Ke Doran Parda Karne Ka Hukum Nahi Hai Warna Waisey ALLAH Ne Aurat Ko Parda Karne Ka Hukum Diya Hai.

                    > Azan Ke Waqt Apne Sab Kaam Chor Deny Chaiye Even Agar Quran Parh Rahy Ho To Wo Bhi Aur Khamoshi Se Azan Sunni Chaiye Karobar Ki To Phir Dur Ki Baat Hai.

                    > Cinema Main Films Lagti Hain Aur Films Main Fahashi Hoti Hai Jo Noujawanon Ko Kharab Karti Hai Aisi Chezein Dekhna Islam Main Allow Nahi Hai Iss Liye Wahan Cinema Nahi Hai .

                    • Lol. You can’t answer my questions at all. No verse or hadis from you to support closing of businesses during prayer. Nothing that happens in cinema also doesn’t happen in every town in every village in every country.

                      In which case you prove that it is man mad elaw

                      And if you have lived or gone to Makkah you know how many thefts occur in or near Masjid Haram. It is a fact of life that even Saudi newspapers don’t hide. You think the crimes stop at theft, nothing stronger??? Man get out of my face

                    • He will never understand your true logics, he never read Hadith or Quran with translations. He liked western culture because his family teached him so. In western culture, everyone believed to be independent, can do anything he likes- no one can stop. But, he does not know, Islam does not believe in independence, who ever is muslim can not go against Islam otherwise he is kafir!! Yes, you can have independence to chose Islam or other religion. Islam means submit your will to almighty Allah… Where there are ifs and buts to confuse people??? Quran is open and clear message by almighty Allah!! This tiny brain of his made by Allah and now he thinks he is matter of the world?? Well shame on him and his thoughts.

                      He does not know it and you are wasting your precious words and your time on this western person who is one of the main reason people find Islam wrong!!

                    • You’re a flat out liar, Saba. You don’t know me. I have proven time and time again that I KNOW better Quran and Hadeeth than people who argue with me here.

                      If you want to call me kaffir, go ahead. Do it openly. Do it with proofs because I think we both know if one Muslim calls another Muslim a kaffir, then what are the consequens.

                      And my challenge to YOU Saba is the same as my challenge to Technical Idiot: find me the verses to back up your claim about what is and what isn’t man made law.

                    • Um… idiot Technical Idiot… Saba was taking your side against me.

                      And you dind’t understand and then proceeeded to insult her HA HA

                      This is what you think of other Muslims. USAMA REVEALED

                    • You seem to be following your own version of Islam. Read the Quran properly and discern what religion really is instead of blindly accepting whatever the Saudi ruling class, the ones who are the farthest from religion, deem as Halal or Haram. That’s your duty too as a Muslim.

                    • You seem to be following your own version of Islam. Read the Quran properly and discern what religion really is instead of blindly accepting whatever the Saudi ruling class, the ones who are the farthest from religion, deem as Halal or Ha ram. That’s your duty as a Muslim too.

                    • Bro Humein Starting Main Hi Quran Urdu Ke Saath Parhna Lazmi Hai Aur Usme Pass Hona Bhi Aur Arabic Bhi…Quran Bhi Sikhaya Jata Hai Islamic Taleem Di Jati Hai… Iss Liye Pata Hai Kya Sahi Hai Kya Ghalt

                    • Over here he asks us

                      CINEMA/BARS Nahi Honay Chaiye MAN MADE LAW Hai?

                      On his personal website he says

                      I Love Watching Mystery Movies & Psychological Thriller Movies & Also Learning New Stuff.

                      LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Where does he think such movies are played? Just in private homes? And how does he aquire them in Saudi Arabia? By legal means? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL

                      100% fail troll, or 100% fail thinker.

                  • & Yes 1970s Main Bohot Cinemas Thai Kyun Ke Wahan Jo Films Lagti Thi Wo Arab Culture Per Hoti Thi Aur Haram Nahi Thi Kyun Ke Usme Aurtein Burqa Main Hoti Thi Koi Fahashi Nahi Hoti Thi.

                    Abhi Bhi 1 Cinema Hai Khobar Main Lakin Wahan Per Sirf Documentary Movies Lagti Hain Aur Wo Bhi Jab Azaan Khatam Ho Jayen Yani Ishaa Ke Baad.

                    • & Yes 1970s Main Bohot Cinemas Thai Kyun Ke Wahan Jo Films Lagti Thi Wo Arab Culture Per Hoti Thi Aur Haram Nahi


                      On one hand you say mobile phone cameras are bad on other hand you tell LIE about cinemas and what they used to show. You never saw them movies you don’t know.

              • His thoughts were not welcome in the beginning of Islam, so reallity is there is no good time period for his kind.

              • Lol and look at his facebook face. OBSESSED WITH WOMEN.
                FULLY OBSSESSED.

                Every other post is about women. The other ones are about illuminati apps like Prisma HA HA

    • Also if we change pikachu’s colour to pink and lie it down, it looks like a pig. Pig is Haram and non-muslims eat Haram things. And in non-muslims comes Jews. Jews ko urdu men yahoodi kehte hen and ye mujhe poori yahodion ki sazish lagti he.

      • Sorry to ask lekin Pig ko dekhny ko kahan mana kia gaya hy? Bachpan me to yeh bhi sunty thy naam lene se zaban 40 din tak napak hojati hy lekin wohi molvi gali dety waqt soar ka bacha bolty thy tab unki zaban napak nhi hoti thi?
        Haram janwar ka gosht khany se mana kiya gaya hy, albata ek stage esa bhi hy jab apky pas khany k liye haram janwar k elawa kuch bhi nhi hy to aap haram janwar ka gosht bhi kha sakty hain.
        Islam me boht sary pehlo hain, ek chez parh kar koi fatwa nahi deni chahye, Saudi arab ny haramm Q kaha hy iska mujhy idea nahi albata itna janta hon k US me kuch log hasas maqamat ki area me chaly gaye thy jiski waja se wahan per bhi game prohibited area bana diye gaye hain.
        Secondly google maps API ki madad se apki activity monitor hoti rehti hy, technically yeh game kisi mulk k liye security ka masla bhi ban sakta hy
        Rahi baat Pakistan me khailny ki to yaha aye din gatar khuly rehty hain, ab game khailny ki waja se bedhiyani me gatar me jany se behtar se game hi na khailo.

        Apka kia kehna hy is bary me???

      • You idiot don’t you know pigs are forbidden to jews as well??? So how can you claim it is jewish plot against muslims? it is just as well jewish plot against jews if you are correct!

        And that is why you are not correct.

      • No, But You Are RETARTED Becoz You Are Living In The Country That Is 50 % Controlled By Illuminati…

          • Living In Pakistan Is Just Like Forgetting Islam… 50 % Controlled By Illuminati
            ISP: PTCL
            Telecommunications: WARID
            BANKS: Bank Al-Falah
            MEDIA: ARY,AAG TV, ATV..
            Education: Comsats

            • Congratulations, you have earned the tittle of advanced retard, if you really want to follow the islamic rules stop using the internet, it would help us alot too. Narrow minded retards

              • Internet Use Karna Haram Nahi Hai Agar Sahi Istemal Kiya Jaye To Aur Haram Chezon Ke Liye To Use Ho Hi Nahi Sakta Kyun Ke Haram Sites Already Blocked Hain !

                • Yeah like everyone is a baby and can’t access blocked sites, but it’s not about blocked sites you ignorant fool. It’s about peoples privacy, there are photos of girls everywhere, tv shows , music, it’s all a part now. So live up in the era or get thrown back. Pokemon go is the least of your concern you little shit.

    • What a true shithead u are….The only reason KSA have banned it is becoz of the duties their ppl are to offer living there and maintaining their honor..if they themselves as the ppl who were uplifted by Prophet Muhammad PBUH get addicted in a worldly pleasuring activity then what would the rest of the followers and opposition think?? Plus the main reason is that everything is good upto a limit..excess is bad which is why it is labeled as haram as due to 2 decades of Pokemon addiction would cause an outrage in the country and its rules itself…. NOT that it has devil symbols and shit…lol
      I myself am a big fan of Pokemon but living in Pakistan doesn’t allow you to play it…theft, kidnap and a lot of factors led me to make this decision….it requires time, walking KILOMETERS….
      look at the brighter side, its forcing lazy ass ppl to get out their and get fit in order to achieve what they have only dreamed of..TO CATCH ‘EM ALL
      Do some research before posting ur own dumb ass shite logic especially on social media

    • The worst thing is, ProPakistani leads in copying content and sharing without giving credits. They have been copying content of PakistanToday left and right without any credits and now pointing fingers. What a rubbish website Pro has become.

    • LOL

      And even I have reported many issues in the past. Sometimes the para or comment by writer or admin is silently deleted. So much for transparency on propk side

    • ProPak is acting so high and mighty regarding the copying of content; when in fact they (as a so called ‘key player in industry’) have been responsible for many acts of copying content, images, not linking back to original articles, etc. The devolution of ProPak’s standards regarding this is so obvious that it would be prudent for them to concentrate on lifting their standards first rather than calling out others on their mistakes.

  • Koi bataega yeh Pokeman aakhir hai kia bala, suna hai ke itni addictive game hai ke people have even lost lives due to this, shayad ProPK par hi article parha tha.

    • Pokemon is cartoon character and story line introduced by Japan.
      Yeh game is liye viral ho gyi hy Q k yeh AR (Augmented Reality) based game hy, its totally different from VR (Virtual Reality).
      AR me aap jab game open karty hain to phone camera se real world hi nazar aata hy lekin (AR) layer ki waja se using google maps API different locations per pokemon characters apki screen per nazar aa jaty hain. baki jisny pokemon cartoon dekha hy usko pora idea hy k pokemon fight kese hoti hy or kese azad pokemon ko apny control me kiya jata hy.

      Anything else?

      • Right, I get the augmented reality part. But not sure about pokemon fight and stuffs, anyways now atleast have some idea about this.

        Thank you sir for taking time and writing this out!

    • i would write a description.. but it would be soo much better if you downloaded the game on your smartphone and start the trial and error.

      its not rocket science and you MAY GET ADDICTED

      • Thank you Muhammad Yasir, but I would better stay away if its addiction.

        Duniya main aur bhi buhat gham hain yaar pokemon ke siwa…

        • same thinking, but you there are jobs available for Pokemon go players. Peoples play this game and sell points and pokemon characters to others ?
          IT can go to any level…

        • ahah … i din’t mean it that way :D , its just that you’ll have the urge to take out your phone almost everywhere to search for mons.

          tho that second line is classy af

    • If you look at the numbers, more people probably lose lives in Pakistan car exidents EVERY DAY than all the people who have died from online games.

      • han Shahid bhai you are right, maine aisa kab kaha :-) Magar kisi game ki wajah se agar ek banda bhi expire hota hai tu thats not bearable.

  • lol y not programe oin Disney channel are banded byu Supreem court like hindi dubbed chota beem, patlo and moto, doremon list of other programs but nothing happen not even PAMERA is doin anything. just getting money and happy to do nothing.
    welcome to pakistan

    • Specially about chota bheem, mainay khud ek episode dekhi jismy story line yeh thi k Firoun ko Hazrat Moosa AS ny nhi bal k chota bheem ny uska samandar k bech me bana huwa mehl tor kar mara tha.
      Ab shayad apko andaza ho jaye k hindi dubbed indian cartoon kia sikhany ki koshish kar rahy hain.

      • Bhai without a doubt, yeh log humara mazhab humare bachon ke dimag se nikal kar apna mazhab dalna chahte hain. They are working on a BIG BIG agenda…

        • Then where are parnts? Parents cannot control children in Pakistan??? Number one controller of children should be their parents, not society or government

          If parents are rotten or don’t care, then it is a problem. But if I ask that people call me hater of Pakistan

          • Nahi bhai aap bilkul sahi keh rahe ho, its parents jinki zimedari hai yeh. Magar how would you protect your child in outer world?

            Main aapko apni misaal deta hon, meri beti hai 4 years ki usko Alhamdulillah humne in sari chezon se dur rakha hai, songs, yeh fazool cartoons. Woh TV par hardly Makkah wala channel dekhti hai ya phir National Geographic/Animal Planet. Aisa nahi ke usko humne chezon se dur rakha hua hai, cartoon wagera bhi dekhti hai but selected woh bhi woh jo hum usko guide karain on youtube (under supervision) ya phir copy kar ke dain in TAB/Mobile. Sounds great isn’t it…

            But here comes the issue, ab meri bachi jab school jane lagi tu maine usko van main nahi dala to protect her from these things, magar ek saal khud pick and drop karne ke baad finally I have put her in van and you know what. Ab us Van main aate jate Van driver songs lagata hai, ab main apni beti ko us se kaise bachaon? School main kisi bache ki birthday hoti hai tu goddie bags milte hain un main bhi wohi fazool characters. School main bachon ke bags main almost 80% bachon ke bags par wohi fazool cartoon characters.

            Mere kahayl se in cheezon se bachne ke liye its the society jisko apna attitude overall change karna hoga. I hope you are getting my point. Hum tu apne bacho ko har tarah se bacha lainge but jab bahar jata hai bacha tab usko in sari fazooliyat se bachana is near to impossible.

            • > Magar how would you protect your child in outer world?


              You only live in Islamic (by name) country. There are LITERALY MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of MUSLIMS in kaffir countrs like India, Kenya, Philipines, China, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, US, UK, Bulgaria, Ghana, Norway, … … ..

              They walk out of their house door and they are instantly exposed to non-Islamic culture. And yet majority do not leave Islam.


              So what is problem in Pakistan???

              • you got A Great great exposure.. i read almost everything but barely comment on anything. I accept you got me here..
                May Allah bless you

              • aur wo technical usama sahib b kamal personality hai,
                Un k Aqaed ar logic se Ikhtilaaf ya itifaaq ek tarf, but ek bat tu man,ni parrey ge, apni dunn ka pakka lagta hai…
                so salute to him also..

  • Nowadays logic be like.
    It’s just like alcohol, very intoxicating. It should be banned.
    Yea right.

  • The Wannabe banners (lol On my words invention), let it come to Pakistan, than we can think of banning or not banning it in Pakistan.

  • Its hilarious as to see so many stupid people complaining in the comments ..
    I even saw one saying that its jewish … Really dude .. Pokemon is a japanese creation …

  • M surprised no one has pointed out that this article is sickening to read because of continuous self praise. The poor writer either appears to be a shareholder here or eager to be one with nonstop buttering. I quit reading after the fourth para.

    Mr. Talal, have you missed the article on Audi Pakistan? That was the latest mockery ‘keeping in line with the way Pakistani publishers work, ran the story in all its glory with literally no background checks and verifications’. There were MANY other such comical stories posted here on your ProPakistani website in the past quarter of a year of my viewership alone.

  • All keyboard warriors jumped here to pose they’re the biggest piece of cr*p aka Liberals by ‘forcing’ their thinking and mindset.

  • Bhaio, It’s Just a Game Koi Bachi Nahi Mang Lia, Kisi Se, APK File already run on Android for Pokemoon game , no need for worry

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