PEMRA Announces New Eligibility Criteria for DTH License Applicants

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has issued the revised Information Memorandum (IM) for the auction of DTH licenses to be held on October 31, 2016.

PEMRA has revised the eligibility criteria for the applicants, which has already disqualified some of the earlier accepted applicants.

More details below!

Eligibility Criteria for Applicants:

  • Applicant must be a registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).
  • One applicant can’t apply or get more than one DTH license.
  • Applicants must have a minimum paid-up capital of Rs. 100 Million.
  • The applicant company will have to demonstrate that it has sufficient financial and technical resources to launch, establish and operate the DTH Distribution Service.
  • Applicants shall have less than 50% of the shares owned or controlled by foreign nationals/companies, if any, with or without management or control vested in foreign nationals or companies.
  • The Chief Executive Officer of the applicant company must be a resident Pakistani.
  • The applicant, directly or indirectly, already holding any licence(s) issued by the Authority, shall not be eligible for grant of licence unless all outstanding dues in respect of such licence(s) have been paid.
  • Any director or shareholder of one Applicant Company shall not be a director or shareholder in any other applicant company for DTH Distribution Service Licence.
  • The applicants must not already be a licensee who owns, controls or operates directly or indirectly any broadcast media licence or landing rights permission
  • The applicant shall demonstrate universal service objectives.

Short listing of Applicant Companies

The applicant companies shall be shortlisted as per the above criteria as per provisions of PEMRA Laws on the basis of the documents/information provided by them. Incomplete applications may not be entertained.

Short listing of Applicant Company, however, shall not guarantee grant of licence. The licence shall be granted to the successful bidders only after fulfillment of all legal requirements, approval of Authority and payment of requisite fees and taxes.

Shortlisting does not include security clearance, public hearing and provincial concurrence. These shall be done for all shortlisted applicants after completion of the bidding process and before grant of the licence.

PEMRA reserves the right to seek any information and clarification or any additional documentation from any applicant company or its shareholding or holding / parent company within such time as it may deem fit. If the applicant company fails to provide such information & clarification within the stipulated time, its application may be rejected without any further processing.

The shortlisted applicant companies shall be invited to participate in the bidding. The applicant company shall participate in the bidding as per bidding procedure given in regulation 10 below.

Bidding Procedure

Shortlisted companies that participate in the bidding shall provide a separate Power of Attorney, on stamp paper and executed, notarized, witnessed, stamped and authenticated as required by law, for the person representing the company in the bidding process (Schedule-G). The company shall be bound by the decisions of that person so authorized or having power of attorney in matters connected to the bidding.

A maximum of two representatives per company shall be allowed to participate in the bidding.

If less than three shortlisted bidders appear on the bidding date, the matter shall be referred to the Authority for decision, and the Authority shall decide within thirty (30) calendar days whetherto declare the bidder or bidders provisionally successful or not.

The decision of the Authority shall be final.

The Bidding Committee, duly constituted by the Authority, shall conduct the bidding process. In case of any dispute during the bidding process, the decision of the Bidding Committee shall be final.

The bidding shall consist of the following two rounds:

  • First Round through sealed bids
  • Second Round through open outcry

The second round shall start immediately after the first round.

  • Only authorized persons of the shortlisted applicant companies shall be allowed to participate in the bidding process on provision of the authorization letter.
  • The bids shall be offered in Pak Rupees.
  • The conditional bids, having ‘ifs’ and ‘buts,’ shall out-rightly be rejected.


License Fee

The successful bidders may choose to pay the licence fee upfront or in instalments as per following options:

  • Upfront: 100% payment
  • Instalments: an upfront payment of the balance towards 50% of the applicable licence fee, and the remaining amount in 10 years in 10 equal annual instalments with a cumulative mark-up rate at the KIBOR rate, applied from the period of the date the upfront payment is due to the payment date.
  • The successful bidders may pay the remaining balance of the Applicable Licence Fee at any time in advance of the scheduled installment, along with payment of cumulative mark-up up to such date of payment.

  • We heared about upcoming DTH licenses auction in Pakistan from our Grandfathers and our Grandchilds will listen about it from us.
    Thats pretty much summed up the story of DTH auction

  • Topi Dramas will continues in Pakistan until and up till Mafia rules and controls us directly or indirectly…

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        • bhai that is one year deal only. but european dth is much better in my opinion their nat geo , hbo, discovery has few ads as compared to indian ones.

          • Can u name any european reciever which offer better subscription. And hyper is offering dishtv sd which means most of the channels are in hindi. ( I mean nat geo. Discovery animal planet and other star sports.) But European dth will be in English right,?

            • change audio TRACK it will come in English even on dishtv,sundth, etc. Actually I dont know much about european servers but I have used iptv which has those european channels so I know little info. Pakistan mein only 13e ata hai even that depends on location. 8-10 ft is ok size in most cases.

            • European dth is not whole in english sadly. Most of sports channels are in French, German, Italian. However there is English audio on many channels according to lyngsat.

    • Indian HD no more working hyper… You are going to buy now it’s dead now
      Nothing serious to watch

      Soon server will be closed

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  • meanwhile Indian DTH is widely available in Pakistan for 200 per month for dishtv sd and dishtv hd for 500 per month on card sharing. You just need a gprs based set top box for 3000 ,2 ft dish,lnb and u r ready to go. Or just spend 15k on 8ft dish u can get european tv. Pakistan’s dth will remain expensive and with lack many channels even when launched.

      • well I already told before it is hard to say. Many kodi free addons work fine or otherwise u need to visit dish antenna shops, they also sell iptv dongle and service.

  • Can any one give details about the IPTV..The Software, Speed, CHannels, playlists etc..


  • We have DTH Solutions in hand since a year & we are expecting business before the year end 2016. but again Govt started it from Zero. Amazing. Peoples & Technologies in other world growing in days but here in Pakistan it take years!!!! Now someone will go HC or SC & again take Stay!!!

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