Cyber Crime Law Enacted in Pakistan

After getting passed from both Senate and National Assembly, the Cyber Crime Bill is today enacted after President of Pakistan signed the bill it into law, we have checked.

According to official source, Mr. Mamnoon Hussain, President of Pakistan has signed the cyber crime bill to make it a law across Pakistan.

Legislation on the subject of cyber crimes i.e., Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016 (PECA) was passed by the National Assembly on August 11, 2016, declaring offenses in respect of information systems and data commonly known as cyber crimes.

The rules for carrying out the purposes of this Act would be framed by Federal Government.

The proposed law faced many hindrances before passing from the Parliament, however, it was latter passed after amendments.

Since the bill has been passed and cyber crime law is now Enacted, cases relating to bill will be prosecuted as per prescribed law.

    • and u will eliminate objectionable content via this? come on. In arab states many of these things are available on satellite for free or just 4 dollars a month and u talk about our govt will some how disrupt it?

  • Make up your mind, will you? This is like the third time you’ve gone back and forth about the law being enacted or not. And IIRC, you’ve even published a couple pieces in the past week about people being arrested as per this law, when apparently it wasn’t even implemented until today. So are you really sure this time? Think again.

    • The first news came when it was passed from the NA. The second time when passed from the senate with amendments, the third time from the NA with amendments, fourth time when signed by PM and fifth time by the president.

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