Pakistan Made Rs. 86.57 Billion Out of Passport and Visa Charges in Five Years

Directorate General of Immigration and Passports contributed Rs. 86.571 billion to national exchequer on account of passport and visa fee during last five years, it is learned.

According to details, Pakistan made Rs. 20.846 billion under the head of passport issuance, renewal and Visa fee during 2015-16 alone.

Revenues for Directorate General of Immigration and Passports increased its revenue by 10 percent during 2015-16 that were Rs. 18.356 billion an year ago.

Department said that introduction of new measures as per modern requirements by Ministry of Interior (MoI) have resulted in enhanced earning in passport and visa fee domain.

The year wise data revealed that the performance of the Department can be gauged from the fact that Pakistan had made just Rs. 13.346 billion under the same head during 2011-12.

The steps taken by present government to enable the Department run on modern needs helped in enhancing the revenue from Rs. 13.35 billion in 2011-12 to Rs. 20.846 billion in five years.


According to official data no inquiries regarding issuance of fake/double passports are pending in the Department of Immigration and Passports. Department said that multiple steps are in place to stop/curb fake CNIC processing.

As per the current NADRA Registration Policy, attestation/verification of applicant’s form/ record by blood relative is required in real time. In order to avoid fake/double CNIC cases, a very logical verification checklist called UV checklist is applied to all applicants at the time of interview by Center Incharge.

Moreover, doubtful cases are sent to agencies for authenticity of National status. Modern Biometric system, facial and data matching checks are applied to prevent processing of double CNICs.

In case, any person attempts for issuance of passport on the basis of more than one CNIC or against wrong/fake particulars and identity, his/her case is automatically blocked in the Automated Fingers Identification System (AFIS) and Facial System.

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