Axact Announces 15 Months of Unpaid Salaries in Full to All Employees

In a special message to the public, Shoaib Ahmed, CEO of Axact, has announced that all employees will be receiving salaries for the 15 months during which the company was closed in Pakistan.

Under the campaign, ‘ Pehle se bhi ziada‘, Axact is seemingly trying to get all of its employees back and rebuild brand image in the process. They have announced better than before salaries, benefits and facilities.

It’s unclear at the moment if BOL TV will be revived as well or not.

Last month, the money laundering case against Axact was dismissed due to lack of evidence. The CEO of Axact and 14 other employees were granted bail by the Sindh High Court as well as the Islamabad High Court. But despite appearances, the case is far from over.

Neither Shoaib Ahmed nor Axact have been cleared in the fake degree case till now. Allegedly, officials found over 400,000 documents forged student IDs and degrees from the company’s secret office.

The message is reproduced below as it appears on the Axact site.

All the Axactians, their Families, Stakeholders & Well-wishers of Axact/Pakistan,

By the grace of Almighty Allah, Haq has finally prevailed over Baatil, after a challenging struggle. The 15 month long period of atrocities & injustice, which was the consequence of the tragic Saniha-e-Axact, has evidently come to an end.

Help and Victory from Allah is imminent!

The resilience & determination Axactians displayed during this turmoil has been exemplary and is worthy of great appreciation. With the relentless efforts and prayers of all the Axactians, their families, our stakeholders and all our well-wishers, the darkness of malice has been dispelled by the dawn of truth and we are now stepping forward towards our destination, stronger than ever!

Furthermore, we would like to thank the entire corporate sector, especially the IT companies, who harbored all the distressed Axactians after the Saniha-e-Axact.

Adhering to our mission of Winning & Caring – We are announcing that all the Axactians of Pakistan (Officers and Staff) would get their salaries from May 2015 till date, which includes the entire period during which Axact was illegally closed, only in Pakistan. Similarly all the respected Vendors & Associates of Axact Pakistan, who have displayed patience & trust throughout this tenure, will be paid in full, for their outstanding amounts with interest till date.

We would like to assure all Pakistanis; especially Axactians, their families, stakeholders and well-wishers of Axact/Pakistan that now everything is Pehle se bhi ziada!

Pehle se bhi ziada Salaries,
Pehle se bhi ziada Benefits,
Pehle se bhi ziada Facilities,
Pehle se bhi ziada Employment,
Pehle se bhi ziada Sales,
Pehle se bhi ziada Business,
Pehle se bhi ziada IT Exports,
Pehle se bhi ziada Products,
Pehle se bhi ziada Competition,
& Most Importantly,

Pehle se bhi ziada Determination towards achieving our vision of a Positive & Prosperous Pakistan.


Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh

Chairman & CEO, Axact

    • Waseem,
      Please note that if you applying and thinking to get 15 months salary then please note that they will be paying unpaid salary from May 2015 till date to employees who were working their at the time when Axact was seized.

      • Well, I already have reasonable job.
        Not asking for 15 months salaries… just looking for good employer which is hard to find. Even “pure islamic” employers are mostly not good as employers.

  • What they will do now. Sell kidneys, hearts, eyes. Don’t know which people still believe he is innocent after finding 400,000 fake degree documents. How can any officials fake 400,000 documents and all related accessories and other irrefutable evidence just to trap him for the sake of saving Geo. When will people grow up?

    • In Pakistan people can do whatever they want if they have influence. Geo is very much supported by Govt and they did try to remove Shoaib from the way of Geo and Express tv.

      • What exactly is the product of Axact and how many popular software they have developed considering their claim of leading IT company in the world. Where did they get all this big money. Maybe Geo influenced to destroy this company but there is no denying that they were already very dirty in all this scam game.

        • Actually people underestimate how much you can earn in web development. People in developed countries can pay much than those in undeveloped. I do php development and sometime a simple tweak can give you $100.

          No one knows what products they have for what they are earning. If there is something fishy out there, they should be brought to just. One think I must say, if you know some work you can earn many legally.

        • Which media group you belong to?? Dude everything is there in black and white, the case is in the court and court will decide not you or people like you…..He even has the decency to come out and own his employees, he could have run away since he has large sums of money with him, Couldn’t he?

          It is very easy to sit and comment about someone without knowing the ground realities…….I won’t go in the discussion of what is a fake degree and what is not a fake degree at the moment as it has been discussed many times before…………

          • There is no point discussing anything when judgments are made based on emotions rather than logic.

            Before I thought that our nation is somehow intelligent than many other countries. But with new generation of f#€ked up stupid sh!ts it is now sure that most of these dont even know how to argue. There is no hope left anymore. 2 plus 2 is not 4 anymore

            • o bhai pehly bhi tujhy bola tha abhi phir se bol raha hon 400,000 documents tere chacha ny recover kiye hain woh bhi govt k orders per to any chacha ko bol k court me paish bhi kary warna apni khandani bongiyan marna band kar dy

            • beta court me tumny koi saboot paish kiya hy jo court kisi ko saza dy? Hazrat Omer RA ny bhi bagair shahadat k kisi ko saza nahi di
              Pehly tu sahi se Musalman ban ja beta baad me courts per ungli uthana

              • Tumhari Khotay jesi aqal ko salam. Plaintiff kon hai? Jo plaintiff hai wohi saboot paish karay ga.

                Apni aqal istemal karo aur koi comment karnay se pehle soch liya karo, ya tum ne bhi ghadhay ka gosht khaya hai??????

                • beta yeh tere abba wali court nahi hy, govt related cases me FIA saboot paish karti hy tera abba jakar saboor paish nahi karyga. rahi baat plaintiff ki to plaitiff case me points mentioned hoty hain or us k baad tera abba rishwat lekar koi investigatio nahi karta
                  samjha ya nahi khoty ki nasal
                  bolny se pehly sochty bhi nhi bas bakwas karni hoti hy parhay likhy ch

                • tere jese boht sary aa jatay hain qeemay waly naan khany walay choudhri corruption ko support karny k liye

    • what do you think udemy and lynda are doing ??
      they do the same stuff. (offering courses and giving certificates).
      if only axact had taken some sort of test before handing out degrees then things would have turned out to be different!

    • Not a single evidence is found after so long investigation. And india is behind this to damage pakistan IT biggest company. But now you will see that how it will rise in few months

    • If Axact is guilty why would they have came out clean in this whole drama created by the rivals of Bol. I think you are still in fascination of propaganda that channels had shown you before.
      Not even single degree have been proven to be fake

      • Come out clean! They are cleared for money laundering case only which was not the main issue anyway. And to your courts, they decide where the wind is blowing. Look at all those 100s of thousands of political cases and what was the % of judgments based on truth; not more than 0.0001%.

        Nobody who defend them know how Axact exactly get so much money or maybe if they know they don’t consider selling fake degrees a crime. Its ironical that these stupid people who blame others for being in the influence of media propaganda somehow believe that the other media network Bol is a messiah of journalism and they will not do what others are doing. How many chittars you need to understand this simplest of thing.

        Well, if you always think with your petty interests then you are f.u.c,k.e,d and you will always be f.u.c,k.e,d by these money hungry corporations of scam s.h.i,t be it in the form of media or politics.

  • That’s a great news for those who r trying to get there unpaid salaries for months.

    Will it be true that they paying to there all employees who is sacked from. There respective jobs.

  • Bol tv will not be operational I guess. Axact used to work well before they announced the largest media network Bol TV and then rating game of “sb se pehle khabar hamare news per/hamare channel bana beron e Pakistanion ki awaz etc” started kicked in and Declan Walsh story came up.
    Good luck Axact and the employees.

  • Just wondering what they will do now, many of the cases have been released because they may not be actually real, but degree issue which is not only fake degree, it is also about blackmailing people to pay additional amount and etc. What is their plan now, they were earning from other departments, but now what will they do for that kind of earning.

  • Humble suggestion to Mr. Shoaib, don’t talk too high or you will fall again even stronger. Your enemies have evil strengths and are extremely powerful.

  • There could have been many more success stories like Axact had there not been a corrupt government in power. The Ministry of IT with its illiterate and corrupt officials has done nothing to promote indigenous IT ventures and yet this rich land keeps on spawning new businesses. Best wishes to Axact.

  • Now the comments sections will be swarmed with paid social media team of Rival media groups which were part of the conspiracy from the start…..

  • Lol i have worked there for some time and i will definitely never going to apply in that company ever again. Everything that glitters is not gold.

    • Hello everyone…. I have read all types of comments on this page, some good, some bad, and some ugly. Shoaib did nothing illegal. His companies were American and all operations had a legal covergae as the education system allows giving degrees on life’s work experience. Accreditation is a voluntary process and is a mafia of organizations who have the charter if any one here is interested in accreditation business, let me.know.

      • The government should have supported him instead of.believing in one man report. Try to.stop.the.thousands of ither American organizations distributing degrees under the same.provsion….. I can legitimize everything Axact has done in one hour or less….some one can go.tell.shoaib that .

  • I have worked for Axact for 3.5 years and was an active employee at the time of the so called Saniha-e-Axact. If anyone has a heart and if anyone fears their true Lord, will testify that Axact indeed ran fake universities which were all created in-house. I personally have witnessed countless people who would cry on calls asking refund of their payments when they would find out what they have purchased is a pile of shit. The employees were lured by high salaries, modern cars, a gym, a 5 star cafeteria, library, club facility and so many modern benefits, but the truth was far from imagination. All these facilities were useless, because of the high targets every Sales Employee had to meet. I have seen employees who would stay in the Axact Guesthouse for the entire month and would only go home to meet their families on the 1st and 2nd of every month. They would work in the office for 16-18 hours and would then go straight to the guesthouse to catch a sleep of 4-6 hours before coming back to the same desk and resume the same work. Plus an employee would get humiliated in front of all the co-workers with high profanity for posting low sales figures and speaking against the company traditions. And mind you, all the 10 business units of Axact worked for a single business unit, ONLINE EDUCATION…there was no other product which was being sold at Axact. Truth is bitter indeed.

    • This comment needs to be made part of the actual news story. Can’t believe people are buying into this bull… Btw, can you imagine how much money the judges must have made from them to let this go? Well, until they pick them up again and get more money out of them, I’m sure. Corrupt government, corrupt private sector and well, corrupt people – what a great win for Pakistan eh?

    • When this scandal was exposed there were hundreds of testimonials like these from Axact employees. Geo must have paid all these to talk against Axact. Now, Axact have have managed to play the victim card very well to convince douchbags youth that its only due to Geo they have got into all of this trouble just like jews convinced the world into thinking that they are victims of oppression.

    • WOW you have worked there for 3.5 years with all this SHIT and didn’t say a single word. You can even say anonymously as it is very easy… Ohhh yeah you are also involved in this S H I T…. sorry.

  • Not a fan of the kind of work Axact was involved in but this is definitely a big news for all those who were either left jobless or were not paid their dues

    • Their dues? As if they didn’t know they were selling fake degrees directly or indirectly… Instead of making an actual career they continued to work for a scam and now they expect to be paid their ‘dues’? It’s ridiculous!

      • I don’t support their line of work but I do feel it for the employees. With the ever rampant unemployment in Pakistan, a lot of people don’t know what they are getting into till its too late.

        • Indeed. Which is why they needed to find other jobs and move away rather than ruin their careers permanently. And when this ‘saneha’ happened, they should’ve viewed it as a blessing in disguise. Remember, the most evil things are done with wealth and if you accept it, then you are an accomplice.

  • Anything is almost legal in PK whether it is bribing govt employees, buying judges or selling fake degrees or products.

  • This is not acceptable if true: Neither Shoaib Ahmed nor Axact have been cleared in the fake degree case
    till now. Allegedly, officials found over 400,000 documents forged
    student IDs and degrees from the company’s secret office.

  • That is a great announcement and a daring step to gun down the media mafia in Pakistan looting billions of funding from the government sector as well as denying the salary packages, safety and security of the working journalists. More than 100 working journalist have died during their working but none have been helped or compensated even having millions of funds by their dummy and puppet unions. These unions have also captured property of billions of the government and declaring it their property, making and converting it into their societies with the help of the district management. These are all blackmailer and cheating the PM too.
    The BOL has to fight back all the evils and establish a culture of accountability of the media mafia and ensure access to justice to all as the equal gender with equal rights and respect in the society.
    Be careful of the Fitnas as entered earlier in the BOL and did a rubbish conspiracy and deprived the BOL of its rights of information, education and communication.

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