Ahsan Iqbal Clarifies His Statement on 5G Launch

Since we pointed out about Ahsan Iqbal’s flawed statement on 5G launch in Pakistan, national media picked the news up and bashed the government for making claims that are entirely untrue.

It maybe recalled that Associated Press of Pakistan, the state run news agency, had quoted Mr. Ahsan Iqbal as saying, “Government was planning to launch 5th generation (5G) cellular services soon to ensure the fastest connectivity.


However, after a backlash, Mr. Ahsan Iqbal has now refuted the statement.

Today Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform issued a clarification on Minister’s statement, and said that Ahsan Iqbal nowhere in his statement claimed that Pakistan was very soon switching to 5G rather he said, “Pakistan was lagging behind especially in information communication technologies.

In its clarification statement, the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform, said that the PMLN government soon after assuming powers in 2013 paved the way for quick and transparent auction of 3G and 4G/LTE spectrum which as a result brought the country on par with rest of the world making country ready for 5G.

Not to mention, this is not the first time that ruling party was caught lying about facts or repeatedly announcing the same project several times, but this is probably the first time that PML(N) has refuted a statement to correct the records.

It maybe recalled here that first 5G commercial rollout anywhere in the world is expected around 2020.

Zong has said that — through China Mobile — it is making efforts to Test 5G with first group of global operators, but even that won’t be possible before 2018.

It is hoped that PML(N) will learn the lesson and will avoid areal firing in its statement in future.

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  • Minister of family planning, at best. Rest is outta his league.
    He should rescue himself from his duties and save us from another embarrassment. On a second thought, he should stay because I know someone worse shall replace him.

  • PreStandard and First standard iteration both will be launched in US in 2017. Its been a while since we are testing and trialing.

    • Check your facts. First pre-commercial trials are planned to be implemented late next year. Samsung and Tmobile are yet to even come up with the proper communications machinery and standards for this to even start.
      Testing is still under process and ITCU is yet to set standards for 5G.

      • Operators with big pockets actually make standards. Now sure what area you work on but unless you are an insider otherwise google information is usualy very out dated. 5G will be commercial in 2017. Fixed wireless Broadband is the first use case.

        • 5G will not be commercial in 2017, unless you are mistaking pre-commercial trials announcement by Tmo and Samsung as commerical ones.
          Practical implementation is impossible without the standards. The issue isn’t just the frequency, it is hardware limitation over long range and coverage.
          No mobile operator has pockets deeper than the ones in the US and China. Yet ITC forced them to stop calling 4G LTE as 5G. When it comes to something as international as this, no one company can control it.
          Korea, UK, US etc are at the forefront of this and each one will be trying different implementation protocols, hence trials.
          Commercialization is far from reality atm.

  • How many years did they take in 3g auctions, still 4g isn’t available in many average cities, there isn’t any future of 5g in near future in Pakistan.

      • The “havs” can be thankful
        What should the “havnots” be thankful for. .. No electricity, No Gas, No water, sky rocketing prices of basic necessities , No education , No basic health care

          • when there are 4 people in a household with only 1 slice of bread between them no one gives a damn about a balanced approach
            when a father takes his child to the hospital and cant afford to buy a 5 rupee tablet no one gives a damn about a balanced approach
            we can manage without 5g but cant manage without food water and health..education is a distant dream
            app ko aap kee balanced approach mubarak ho
            Eid mubarak!

            • bohat khoob kaha rula diya yar bilkul mere dil ki baatein kahi aap ne kaash ye soch baqi logo me bhi aa jaye specially humare corrupt leaders ko ehsas ho jaye kaaaaash…

              • Ehsaas un ko hota hai jinn ka koi deen emaan hota hai.
                yeh leaders nahin hai Khoon choosnay wallay keeray hai

            • I know very well how ppl blame the rest of the world in return to their own deeds… Ppl never think about planning for future, neither try to change their fate… I m not from a land Lord family but this country is giving me opportunities and I can compare it with abroad too.. Still thankful to Allah for what I m getting and trying to improve… But not throwing the responsiblity for what I don’t have. …

      • jee janab be thankful you were born in a family where you could afford to have meals 3 times a day , and having a good education , which in turn has given you a good job with reasonable earnings MashAllah. sirjee zara aap un kee nazar say dekho jin kay pass kuch nahin hai.

  • Seeing the data pricess and the limited 1 or 2 gbs it seems 3g also is a luxury in Pakistan like everyother good thing

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