PITB’s Waste Management System Helped Keep Lahore Clean During Eid

Eid-ul-Azha is a busy and much-celebrated affair in Pakistan, as well as all over the Muslim world. However, given the spate of animal sacrifices, especially in Pakistan, its not uncommon to see blood running down the streets while animal remains and wastes are scattered around everywhere, causing a headache for the people responsible for keeping the cities clean.

In Lahore, the Punjab government handled this conundrum by developing an app called “Clean Lahore Punjab”. The app, exclusively created for the Lahore Waste Management Company, proved to be an instrumental tool in helping the organization keep the whole city clean during the three days of Eid-ul-Azha.


Developed by PITB, the app has attracted immense appreciation by the stakeholders as well as the citizens of the city. It has also helped the concerned officials keep timely updates on the work in progress.

“LWMC disposed of more than 40,000 tons of animal waste during the three-day long and successful operation.”

Even with the app, the 15,000 sanitary workers of LWMC have done an incredible job. On the behalf of Chief Minister Punjab, the Senior Advisor to CM Punjab Khawaja Ahmad Hassan also announced 10 Days bonus salary for LWMC employees over their extraordinary performance.

Their waste management system has been undoubtedly a success and there is a dire need for such a system in other provinces as well. The Punjab IT Board is known for revolutionizing many old systems, making them much more efficient. It recently also announced to facilitate Sindh free of charge and hopefully, that means that Sindh would also be able to use the system in the future.

    • Brother it’s all about Lahore not Punjab. If you are in Lahore, just get out of lahore and visit either Gujranwala or Patoki and you will see the condition of rest of the Punjab, these two cities belong to up-punjab so you can forget about lower-southern punjab situation.

    • Only the upper Punjab is benefiting. Next time visit South Punjab and see how people hate lahore and why.

      • Go visit Hyderabad, Thar and other cities in Sindh and see how people hate Karachi and why.

        Go to other cities in the other states and see why they hate the Big city in that state.

  • First people in Lahore will never throw waste openly Mostly They pack the waste then throw near waste box that’s help the Government what i see news in Karachi and what i i see my self at Lahore street its daam easily which CM is more active even my family members live in DHA and they always vote PTI saying that u don’t see any waste openly spread on street like we see in Karachi the waste team here in Lahore works so hard to clean the tons of waste in Lahore well done PWMS ??

    • So conclusion is that as Lahoris don’t throw it openly is the reason you dont see waste in Lahore? LOL on your logic, who picks this waste at the end? In Karachi there is no government and people are used to it now and throw waste openly as even if packed no one is going to come to take it.

  • This year, I did not see any waste littering the streets and dumpsters. Something was indeed different in Lahore – except its outskirts and rest of the Punjab. And no, I am not in DHA or any other elitist society.

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