PTCL Touch Is a Customer Care Portal in an App for Managing Your Account

PTCL has rebranded and relaunched its self-care app for smartphones. The app, which was previously available to Android users only, is now made available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone users.

The app is now called PTCLTouch and comes with improved functionality and loads of bug fixes.

The app is meant for new and old PTCL users to manage their accounts, buy new packages, submit and view complaints, check their broadband/EVO usages and view & pay bills with-in the app.

PTCL has improved the overall user experience and is now available to a wider audience thanks to an iOS and Windows Phone launch. The company aims to promote the app amongst its broadband users so that they can manage their accounts easily without having to get in contact with PTCL staff.

Let’s take a detailed look at what the app offers to the largest landline and broadband userbase in the country.

Who Should Get PTCL Touch?

PTCL Touch can be used by PTCL users as well as those who are planning on subscribing to a PTCL service. The app is also useful for those who simply want to browse and understand what PTCL has on the offering and see if anything fits their budget.

Once the app is downloaded and installed, users can use the app as a guest or sign up for a PTCL account if they don’t already have one. All of this is managed from within the app and you don’t need to use a browser to sign up.

Signed in users get additional functionality in terms of package orders, wishlists and account management (usage stats) while guest users can simply view what’s on offer and use some of the app’s features.


The relaunched app retains the design it brought about less than a year ago. You get the same high-res icon though now you get a nice loading animation once the app is launched.


Once launched, user are greeted with a 5-page tour detailing on what you can do with the app. The first page informs the user that they can either sign up to gain full access to all its features or view the app as a guest. The next few pages list the apps major features and what sort of control its provides access to.

Once signed in (or even when using the app as a guest), you are greeted with the main page, that has some similarities to what you would find on a Windows Mobile stock app.


The app only uses square tiles and they do not provide you any other information like a Windows Mobile app would. The tiles are plain buttons and clicking on any one of the buttons will get you to a new page.

User Experience

The app may not be great in terms of design but it does get the job done. Each button gives you access to a certain feature page on the app.

Large sized tiles show oft-used features like Account & Bill information, Customer Support and Online Shop. The slightly less used features are displayed as smaller tiles.

The Account page lets you edit your profile settings, view complaint status and now you can also view your usage details. More details regarding subscribed PTCL services are also available here.

The Bill Inquiry and Payment page lets you view and pay bills for your Evo, Vfone, Landline, broadband or Ufone account.

The Customer Support section allows users to chat with PTCL representatives, call them, provide feedback, view tutorials or get access to the PTCL contact directory.

The Complaint Registration section ask for details regarding the product, your ID and the complaint. The Complaint Status page requires you to enter complaint ID and phone number to view the current situation of your complaint.



Online Shop also acts as a shopping assistant. It categorizes the products simply but it doesn’t make it easy if you are searching for a certain package.

Though the developers have added a filtration menu to make the process slightly easier. Perhaps a search option could have solved this issue.


Alongside each product, you get the price, user rating, product information and more regarding each product package. Users can also order right from the app or add stuff to their Wishlist. The cart list mentions items you are about to purchase while Order List informs you regarding the products you have successfully ordered.

Of course, the developers could have made better use of the available space but the app still manages to make do with the current feature set. It’s not great but it gets the job done.


The PTCLTouch app comes with the usual features, and a few updated ones.

From their Android app page, these are the listed features:

  • Pay Ufone and PTCL bills by debit and credit cards
  • Order new PTCL services through telephone call.
  • Register Landline, Broadband and EVO complaints
  • Enquire about the latest Landline, Broadband and EVO bills
  • Check broadband and EVO usage
  • Avail customer care support through SMS, Email and Telephone
  • Stay updated with PTCL/Ufone products and services
  • Stay updated with the latest PTCL promotional offers

In addition to this, the updated version also features support for PTCL SmartLink, the service that makes your PTCL landline usable on your mobile.

Download PTCLTouch App

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  • One of the most pathetic app in app history
    And further it’s useless for complain ratifications if thousands of customer care representatives cannot resolve then how can and will this stupid apps will do?

    • But this app can help paying PTCL bills. If if if its pay properly and update system real time and your services restore immediately.
      That’s realy help already frustrated customers.

  • And the most important why ProPakistani posting reviews of PTCL stupid apps one by one???? Zara socheye.

  • Can anyone tell why PTCL charjee stopped working in Multan???????? And other cities?
    Is ProPakistani aware of it???? Or anyone can tell???

  • i cant pay my bill from the app rather i have to go in website version and i launched a complain through app 2 months ago which is still in progress. Which Means App is useless.

    • This for sure that PTCL products either is for consumer or corporate it must be most pethetic product without any doubt and customer care??? I believe they don’t even know the meaning of customer care.
      Just imagine they have suspended the Charji services across country and customers totalaly unaware.
      Illegal spectrum issue I have heard. Shame on PTCL shame.

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