iPhone 7 Users are Reporting Hissing Sounds Under Heavy Load

Apparently Samsung isn’t the only one experiencing issues post its releases. The new iPhone 7 has brought to market an unexpected issue in the form of its hissing sounds and a solution is yet to be posted.

The issue was first raised by Stephen Hackett of 512 Pixels, who heard the noises while restoring his iPhone 7 Plus from iCloud. The hissing sound is loud enough to be heard while the phone is on the table and seems to get worse when the phone is put another heavier workloads.

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Hackett has since posted a video on YouTube that captures the hissing noise, and other users have come up on Twitter with the same issue. It is not exactly known why the issue exists yet and Apple is yet to release a statement over it. For all we know, this could be an issue totally normal to an iPhone 7.

There are multiple theories currently that describe it. Engadget seems to point toward a possible “some suspect coil whine or similar electromagnetic effects” while Apple Insider thinks the issue “could involve the RF transmitter or some other form of interference with the speaker system”.

It is worth mentioning that only a few devices with this problem have surfaced so likely a very small sample from the overall population is affected. Not likely something large enough to become a global phenomenon like Bend-gate or Note 7’s Fire-gate (or whatever you’d like to call it).

  • We should not expect 100% perfection from any device. Early buyers always suffer with defected devices (and still they que to buy one……………….just stupidity).

  • Similar thing happed to my iphone 6 at incomming call few days back
    The ringtone was loud hissing sound.
    And i remember same thing happened to my iphone 5 few times in past.
    ( only happend on incomming call everytime)

  • The burger people will be looted always like that by samsung and apple like companies because they have alot to waste…!!!

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