Google Enables YouTube Monetization for Pakistan

Google has included Pakistan in markets where YouTube content creators can monetize their videos, we have checked.

Previously, Pakistani content creators were not allowed to monetize their videos on YouTube. With this development, now any Pakistani content creator can enable monetization for their accounts and make money through videos they upload on YouTube.

Not to mention, YouTube doesn’t allow YouTube Monetization in all markets.

Move is made just ahead of YouTube’s planned launch event in Pakistan, where Google will try to grab the attention of content creators and will announce incentives for them.

It merits mentioning here that only original videos can be monetized. YouTube has this algorithm in place that detects for any copyrighted videos/music. Such copyrighted video, even when uploaded by you, will not be allowed to monetize.

How to Enable YouTube Monetization in Pakistan

  • Login in your YouTube account
  • Go to this URL:
  • Enable First card that says “Moentization”
  • Follow the wizard by accepting terms and conditions
  • Connect your adsense account with YouTube
  • And you are done.

Please keep in mind that you must have an adsense account in order to enable YouTube monetization for your account. In case you don’t have any adsense account then you can apply for one.

Also that any violations, such as blatant copying of videos, may get your adsense account banned as well.

Thanks Umar for tip

Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

  • lo g ab copy paste videos shroo upload hona you tube per be ready for ad-sens accounts to be blocked again :)

  • They’ve just made it public now. Previously, you could have it activated for your account by contacting Google. How do you think so many Pakistani vloggers made dough?

    • Nope, previously, you had to change the country to something like USA or UK to get that feature. Now, it is officially available in Pakistan. I’ve been doing it for quite a while now…

      • Well that’s the illegal way of doing it, and you risk account termination at any time. I work in SEO. We manage YouTube accounts for some 12 big brands in Pakistan. Believe me when I tell you I know what I’m talking about.

      • Thats what I am shocked too as I have that feature since I started in November last year and have been uploading videos by monetizing them.. that feature was there .. I dont have any earnings though.. :(

  • I was using this for more than a year now .. maybe I was not getting any earning due to this but that feature was always available in my youtube channel lol

  • Awesome !!!…. i am making youtube videos ( The Ahsan Zafar Channel) and i was monetizing them with a trick but now i can do them easily hopefully more advertisers will now advertise on youtube so more money.. really happy… Don’t forget to Checkout my channel

    • 2nd screenshot.
      Amir Atta you have to get more involved in IT sector, and please don’t post 2 weeks old news.
      My 13 year old cousin is more involved into IT than you.

      You mostly post here on ProPakistani what’s trending on FB -_- come on man.

  • Incredible news. Kindly, edit the article and be more clear about how folks can earn through this. This will set things up right. Also be more clear about abusing it will hurt everyone!

        • Brother, it is a golden egg for the people who work online and to buy something from the popular websites. For example, In order to withdraw money from Upwork, you must have a Paypal account. Similarly, most software keys can be bought directly with the account without buying fake Paypal account or a re-seller. It has a strong security, and amazing features. In order words, if you have been deceived by someone, you can get your money back easily. Money sending from Paypal to Paypal is safe. It has a lot of benefits! I can’t write it down here.

  • After I heard about youtube Pakistan launch event, I expected this. And interestingly, i visited proPakistani in the day hoping to see this kind of news in the day and here i am, seen this on fb timeline. Good!

  • Great news!
    Now we can enjoy even more porn on youtube.
    Now no one from modest family will be able to open youtube in Pakistan because there will be porn trending 24/7.
    Now we will see even more people making money with copyrighted content, which means that the image of bloggers and content creators will be even worse than before.
    But still its a great news -_-

    • unfortunately it’s true Pakistanio ko koi niche miljaye uski baja detey hain :P ab or ghatya videos dekhney ko milengi youtube pe wo bhi ads k sath LOL

    • Don’t worry about it.Youtube has a strong anti-porn policy that automatically removes such content. And with their Content ID and quite efficient copyright claim feature, copyrighted videos are removed from Youtube as well. And if the copyright infringers get away with the “Fair use” policy, YouTube doesn’t allow any video that has even a little bit of copyrighted content (which they easily detect through Contend ID) to be monetized at all. So we’re all cool here. :)

  • My cousin was already earning on youtube! But he said, he is linked with an Indian Co-ordinator of Google Youtube. His payout platform is other than Google Adsense.

  • In Pakistan, it’s very difficult to get your Adsense approved for YouTube even if your videos are original and of high quality. And when it gets approved, Uncle Google has 98147803 reasons to block it in near future

      • 1 out of 98147803 reasons is Cyber Bullying (or Adsense Vandalism to be more precise). How does it work?

        1. Your account is banned for some reason
        2. Now you’re jealous why other people are earning through their vidoes
        3. You go to some YouTube Channel with good subscribers
        4. Open the video and CLICK the same AdSense ad for 127 times in 50 seconds
        5. Uncle Google detects “fake/fraud clicks”
        6. His account is now BANNED to “protect AdWord client’s interest”
        7. Game Over!
        8. Now he can do the same to someone else for revenge

  • Its time to use the smartphone .. smartly and make creative videos of everyday life and post them.. but it should have the content most importantly….

  • i just made a youtube channel with country Pakistan but monetization is ineligible.

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