Google is Holding a YouTube Launch Event in Pakistan

Google, a company that actively operates in Pakistan without any physical presence, is holding Pakistan’s YouTube Launch event later this month, we have checked.

According to initial details, Google will hold this YouTube launch event in Karachi on September 28th, 2016, where it is hoping to gather the digital community of the country.

A three and half year ban on YouTube in Pakistan was lifted earlier this year when Google introduced localized version of YouTube for Pakistani internet users.

We are hearing that Google is aiming to mark the official launch of YouTube in Pakistan with the event.

Google is primarily hoping to engage content creators, marketers, advertisers and brands to build YouTube community in Pakistan, where the website remained blocked at a time when Internet was picking up and Facebook — along with other video sharing websites — grabbed a good chunk of share from YouTube.

Internet picked up rapidly during 2012-15, when YouTube was banned in Pakistan

Experts say that YouTube’s ban during 2012-2015 was crucial time for internet companies operating in Pakistan and apparently YouTube missed the train and it is now going to make efforts to engage the community, especially the content creators.

Clearly all major social media stars and sitcom artists in Pakistan, such as Zaid Ali T, Comics by Arsalan, Sham Idrees, etc., resorted to Facebook for their videos and acts. And while YouTube was banned in Pakistan, they established significant following on Facebook and this is exactly what YouTube wants to change with events like one is planned later this month.

Moreover, since YouTube is actively selling its inventory in Pakistan, it is also trying to increase its visibility to engage more companies, brands and advertisers for sales.

Google wants to engage content creators who are otherwise more active on Facebook 

Not to mention, as we discussed before, Google is actively selling its inventory in Pakistan, that too without an office and any tax or legal liabilities towards Pakistan.

For those who don’t know, Google sells its YouTube Homepage banner to Pakistani companies directly for USD 3,500 to USD 5,000 per day.

This YouTube homepage banner can only be booked directly through a Google representative and can not be purchased through adwords or any other online portal, showing that how Google is directly selling its inventory in Pakistan and not paying a single penny in taxes.

We are yet to see the legal status of such sale and promotion events of companies that make money out of Pakistan and do not pay taxes.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • This is great, however, they must open the youtube partnership program in Pakistan, so Pakistan video creators can also monetize their videos like 60 other countries. Also as they are now getting ad revenue from Pakistan, this really makes sense.

    • Haha, they have heard me I guess. BTW, I had raised same issue on google product forums for youtube couple of months back. Anyways, glad that we have been given this opportunity. Now lets play fair, I have seen some people already started tricking the system and started uploading fake or vids with misleading titles. But than there are people who are playing fair, they are also from this very country.

  • This Google is directly selling its inventory in Pakistan and not paying a single penny in taxes. and Google is doing good why should they pay tax while this corrupt govt gonna keep all tax money in their pockets

    • they enabled monetization for Pakistani users.. you can check on your channel settings :)

      • I knew already, they enabled the monetization after looking my post. the post was made 4 days ago before launching.

    • I didn’t expect this from you. You seem like a person with a lot of knowledge and wisdom. Instead of questioning them them for evading taxes, or maybe explaining their excuse, you are counter questioning me? That’s too much like our politicians.

      BTW our taxes are deducted at source.

      • Hes a charlatan at best im afraid. Always trying to pass himself off as an expert. Maybe, jack of all trades, master of none.
        I guess due to recent extension of tax holiday, their foreign income is tax free for another 3 years.

  • Someone please highlight the obscene content filling youtube homepage from top to bottom. Indian skunks are ruining it for us.

    • The homepage shows videos most viewed in the country in “Trending”, and related to the ones watched by the user. So, stop watching “obscene” videos by night, and during day ask the fellow country men to do the same. Here, the perfect solution.

      • You are such an inbred skunk! Unlike you, I dont watch the junk made for incestuous queers like you. Let me beat some sense into you. Most of the junk videos are produced by Indians and the farts at Google are not tailoring homepage exactly for Pakistan. As everyone else, they are considering us IndoPak region. Afghans are meted out nearly the same treatment. Does a donkey like you really think that they know Urdu/Hindi?
        My youtube playlists and history are unique. Filled with videos of actuarial sciences (pint sized no-life scum like wont understand that) and data sciences. So take a hike. Even if all cookies and rest of browsing data are removed, homepage is loaded full of Indian junk and obscene vids which are favorites of your household but despised by everyone else.
        And perfect solution should have been your dad using a condom so that we could have saved ourselves from a massive nonsense like you. I hope he learned his lesson from his blunder by now. The least he can do is to throw himself off a roof to redeem himself and compensate for biggest crime in human history.

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          • Google Pakistan content is managed by Indians,,, And you see what they want you to see…!! by the way why YouTube admin doesn’t remove that obscene content…And in islam there is no concept like mine your own business thing.,.!!

        • And didn’t Youtube start a new Pakistani version few months back. That didn’t explain your IndoPak theory. And most of all, is that really surprising to see your countrymen(including you) viewing thee “obscene” videos who are notoriously infamous for searching “donkey sex”, “horse sex”, “pig sex” in Google? Come on, you can’t be that stupid.

  • FBR ur call: We are yet to see the legal status of such sale and promotion events of
    companies that make money out of Pakistan and do not pay taxes.

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