Twitter Poll Tells India to Refrain from Nuclear War with Pakistan

Tensions between Pakistan and India are higher than they’ve been for years. Following Sunday’s attack in Occupied Kashmir on Indian Military Headquarters, a war of words is underway between the two nuclear neighbors.

Amid the talk of War on Indian side, Sanjay Dixit, an Indian Administrative Service officer, ran a poll on Twitter asking whether Indians would be ready for the consequences of a nuclear war with Pakistan.

While he had claimed that 78% would be in favor on war, surprisingly, 54% of the people — with over 8,000 respondents — actually said that life is too precious for wasting on war.

Not happy with the results, Dixit accused Pakistanis of voting on the poll to manipulate results. He further added that the poll results showed “how scared these (pakistani) fakes are”.

Dixit, however, forgot that his most of followers were Indian and that Twitter users in India are at least 10 times more in numbers than they are here in Pakistan.

The completely juvenile exercise and response are matters of discussion for another day.

In response, a Pakistani user ran the same poll and the results were astonishing – 81% of respondents were ready to go to war and become martyrs.

There’s a reason there hasn’t been a full scale war between nuclear countries for decades now. Mutually assured destruction (MAD) is all but guaranteed with countries stockpiling enough nukes to kill humanity and render the entire Earth uninhabitable for centuries yet it seems at least half of the population on each side is willing to die in a war.

Clearly Pakistani nation is in high spirit and they are ready for a fight if someone’s thinking of any dare against the Pakistani soil.

But we would want to add something here: You should be a good Muslim during peace as well. There’s no point in getting martyred in a war, winning it and then getting back to work with all corrupt practices.

If you are patriotic, which you are, then be so all the times. Even when there’s no war. That means building your country and its economy. That means arming your coming generations with knowledge and education. That means providing for your family.

Even the tiny things matter. War should, and must be the last resort. But that doesn’t mean one should not be prepared for the worst case scenario.

    • How they are losers, They have google youtube,, And your almost all channels full of indian contents, You copy them in every aspect, You cannot live without them but they can, so They are losers as they lost us but we are not because we cannot lose indians as they are in our blood…

        • Because of this behavior you will ever be consider as shiiitt…!! From inside you love Indians and from outside you pretend to be enemy…!!

          • Offcourse we Love our neighbor countries including india, but jab baat hamare pride ki aur kashmir ki hogi to hum in fact 90% Pakistani Indians ko moo torh jawab den ge, India hamara neighbor hai but Kashmiri hamare bhai behan hain, jin par zulm ki intehaa ki gayi hai, and don’t forget 4 se 6 kashmiriyon ne India ko us ki oqaat dikha di, agar sare kashmiri larh parhe na to Hindustan naqshe se mit jaye ga

  • IMO there is a difference between two polls.
    One asks to initiate a war and,
    The other asks about defending the country if war is imposed..

    • Pakistani “Momin” clearly is afraid to go after corruption they see in Pakistani governance, Pakistani police, Pakistani hospitals, …

      Why are we fearless when fighting India but silent when cleaning up our own societies?

  • Ab tou Janwar be apsa mein lai larty. Pakistani aur India kitni khushi sey jang ki tayere kr rahy hai.. Syria aur Iraq ka hal tou ap ney dekha hoga. Pakistani aur Indian kya untri ki tra darbadar hona chahty hai ?????

    • You should realize there are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan. You will be killing all of those innocent Muslims with your nuke as well

      • we dont war as well but if india thinks that he can attack where he wants , we would attack back where we want :) ….their are muslims in kashmir also they have life they have religion , get a life

  • Do you know what does the Virk poll show about us? We are blood thirsty nation. Nothing to achieve in life. No hope or ambition to do anything, and no perceivable possibility of any progress at all. We dont want to live for our country. We just want to die for it, because thats the easy way out. Majority would chicken out though at the first call to arms.
    And we are hypocrites as well. Katrina k thumkun par tharaknay walay kya khaak laraee karein gy?

    If we are attacked, thats a different ball game altogether. Defense will be our responsibility / priority then.

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