This Karachi Man Could Face Jail for 5 Years or Rs. 5 Million for Blackmailing a Girl

Another case under cyber crime law has been registered. This time the incident took place in Karachi. You may recall, another man was arrested for blackmailing in Nowshera, which was the first cyber crime case since the law was implemented.

The case registered by FIA Karachi is the first of its kind in Sindh.

Case details

The agency arrested a man named Asim from Shah Faisal Colony for uploading photos of a girl online to blackmail her family into paying him ransom.

The girl’s family filed the case against the accused under section (1) 219 of the Cyber Crime Act 2016. The complaint was registered by the victim’s father Abdul Zahoor, who claimed that Asim had befriended his daughter on Facebook.

He mentioned that his daughter did not want to stay in contact with Asim, but he insisted. For that matter, Asim threatened to upload pictures of Abdul Zahoor’s daughter if she did not pay him Rs. 10,000. They did not comply with his threat, so Asim uploaded these photos on Facebook which led to the complaint against him.

FIA with the help of Abdul Zahoor called Asim to a shopping mall then had him arrested.

Investigation by FIA revealed that the victim gave Asim her Facebook profile rights herself. Asim will be fined up to Rs. 5 million (50 lac) or receive a jail sentence spanning a period of 5 years, if proven guilty. He could also receive both punishments together.

Effective but Incomplete

This example shows how the Cyber Crime Law is been used to combat increasing cases of cyber-bullying and blackmail in Pakistan.

Multiple cases have been registered in a span of 2 months alone. Although this showcases the act’s potency, it could also be used in a negative way to falsely accuse someone using the Cyber Crime Act.

It all comes down to the enforcers of the law.

Via Dunya News

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  • But when the girl gave him the right to use her profile, So what’s point of crying now??? And also In the court If culprit prooves that the girl herself has given him rights to use her profile then he may not be prooven guilty.

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  • Kuch Loog facebook pe larki ki id bana k boys se mobile cards mangtay hain… iss pe cybercrime action kar rhi ha ya ni? ya yeh koi case banta ha?

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