Rozee.PK Gets Landmark Ruling Against RightJobs for Online Copyrights Violations

In a first of its kind ruling in Pakistan, Intellectual Property Tribunal Lahore gave a ruling in favor of Rozee.PK and restrained RightJobs from copying any job postings from Rozee.

In an interim ruling, the tribunal asked RightJobs to remove all job postings that it had copied from Rozee and to refrain from any similar practices in future.

Rozee.PK had filed a copyright case against RightJobs before Intellectual Property Tribunal with a plea that RightJobs had been copying its job postings without its permission or the permission of the companies that posted the jobs originally on Rozee.

While hearing the case, the Tribunal issued an interim order and heavily restrained RightJobs from displaying, offering, advertising job postings copied from Rozee.PK.

Ruling also asked RightJobs to remove all previous job postings and also restrained from committing an act of unfair competition.

While we have seen instances of copyright protection for print and electronic media, Pakistan’s online space was largely considered a lawless land till now. Anyone could freely copy anyone’s content and build their online empires on content that’s produced by others.

This ruling is going to change that all.

With this new precedent set, Pakistan’s digital companies can seek justice by filing cases against any copyright violations.

In addition to revenue loss, these online copyright violations — in some cases — also pose serious security and privacy threats.

Unauthorized copying of jobs for instance, could expose personal information of applicants. We have in fact discussed how fake job postings are done to gather data for various unethical and illegal purposes.

Furthermore, employers are also at risk from such activities, as it not only hurts the image of their brand and the confidentiality of applicants, but also violates their rights to control where their representation exists, as they may find themselves associated with channels that they have not authorized to use their brand name.

“Rozee.PK puts great effort into protecting our job applicants by verifying the authenticity of all companies that post jobs on our website to safeguard their personal information,” said Monis Rahman, CEO of Rozee.PK.

“When jobs are copied from our site without permission by other third party sites, candidates unknowingly share their personal information with unauthorized sources and the underlying companies never see their applications. We are committed to safeguarding our members’ personal information at all costs and are hopeful that this landmark injunction will serve as a precedent to prevent similar violations for other online publishers.”

The awarding of an injunction against “Rightjob” by the Intellectual Property Tribunal is a victory for Pakistan on many fronts.

The decision is an encouraging gesture by the learned court to safeguard online copyrights and intellectual property in Pakistan, and allows for foreign investors to feel more secure when investing into the IT sector of the country.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Rightjobs is the project of one of the most corrupt organizations in Pakistan. The ratio is at least 8 resigns per month.
    They deserve this

  • Right Job walay hain he chawal inki adat he hai copy paste krna or phir khte hian k hum no 1 job post side hai phlay din se.

  • They should’ve hurt them financially as well through fines or profit claim…Inhon na mazak samjha hua hai Pakistani software industry ko

  • [copy anyone’s content and build their online empires]

    That is exactly how propaki operates, so you better be careful mr. amir

  • Good decision but it is not the first of its kind ruling. Pakistanlawsite had a similar hearing around 3 years back and won gracefully… Say No to illegal scrapping.

  • Seems like most of the comments are from employees praising the decision :-) First you guys need to understand the law. This is merely a restraining order (usually known as Stay Order) where judge issues a order without listening to the other party. Even a kid can get a restraining order by hiring a lawyer against any business (even by showing a fake proof of copying – you know how technical our lawyers and judges are). It hardly cost Rs.2000 in court fees + lawyer fee to get a restraining order (read one-sided decision). So there’s no need to dance or praise anyone.

    I am NO WAY favoring RightJobs, they may be wrong and copying content. But you need to understand this is not a final decision and merely a restraining order.

    • And for ProPK staff, restraining orders (or stay orders) are NOT landmark decisions :-) This is no way a decision :) The title is utterly misleading.

    • LOL … when it comes to supporting the one you like … even ProPakistani is misleading :D
      Rozee is not a kid, they are in the market for 10+ years, they maintain a repute, do you think they would go to court without having any proof … if you are following the story … Monis mentioned clearly on the last proPakistani story that they have proof … and in response the rightJobs management was only saying “let us work together in prospering Pakistan” :D :D
      These lowlifes depict a mindset !!!

    • Hoo sakta hy yeh wala seen ho:

      Teer khaa k jo dekha kameen gah ki taraf
      Apnay he doston sa mulaqat ho gay

      • budi baat galiyan dena budi baat hai dost. I know aapki job hai but still galiyan nikal kar apna imaan kharab karne wali baat hai dost. THINK ABOUT IT

  • After reading all the comments, I think that this RightJobs shit is some kind of punk organization. How can they justify them self even after getting caught red handed

  • This is never going to work; If ROZEE is concerned, they should write a program to stop getting their data copied rather than crying like a baby.

    Nobody is going to pay for JOB-POSTS; if it’s happening today, it wouldn’t happen tomorrow.

  • sub marketing tactics hein ….. itni si news ko media ki tarah barha charha ke bayan kiya ja raha hai …….

    should anyone let me know if any company for e.g. Mobilink / Unilver posts job in their career section, and somebody displays it on their site ……. woh rozee walon ke baap ki post hai kiya ?

    • Mairay keyboard Mujahid …
      20 companies k representative paish huay hian adaalat may … as witnesses, os k baad verdict aaya hai.
      No one is talking about mobilink, uniliver !!!

  • its very Simple : First they ignore you then they laugh at you then they fight you then you win :D , Bravo RightJobs

  • rightjobs bohat ooper jaegi aik din ………….. bohaaaaaatttt oooooooperrrr …… CMMI level 6.025 level company is behind this …….. haters gonna say I am a rozee employee…….. but I am not

  • eah eah eah yeh roze kia cheez hy manay bary bary Tool banay hain Mera Tool tu directory b compare kerta hy.eah eah eah
    Torrent sa chuka hy akher . . . . . .

  • RightJobs is now emerging and doing its own work greatly and efficiently specially in competing the market, i think Rozee has this problem thats why Rozee is just finding ways in blaming RightJobs somehow, Let the people decide which one is better. no offense.

  • Mujhe tou aj tak yeh nahi samajh aai k Zepto aur Rightjobs mai kya fark hai ? ap log copyright pe larh rahe ho

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