Ufone Celebrates Local Pakistanis

Ufone recently highlighted men and women of Pakistan who are making a change for their families but it is very important to mention here that they are not limited to their family members only, these champions are benefitting their fellow citizens as well.

Shamim Akhtar, the first ever female truck driver is an example of those people who help themselves to give a new meaning to passion, self-confidence and courage, who take initiatives and break stereotypes for the greater good.

She supports her family on her own by driving trucks from one city to another; she has broken stereotypes and proven to women across Pakistan that if you have the will to achieve you can really make a change.

Mohsin Ali stands out among others because of his passion to learn more and to get educated. Despite the insufficient financial resources, he appeared as a private candidate and topped the list of his graduation exams. Mohsin wants to pursue higher studies as well.

Saqib Kazmi is one of the young talented entrepreneurs of Pakistan and is on a mission to do whatever he can do for the betterment of Pakistanis. With the help of others, this young man solved the problem of drinking water by installing more than thirty water pumps for the people of Gharo.

Sabia Abbat, the two wheeler star who belongs to Hazara Division of Pakistan is a sport enthusiast. She also won title of National Cycling Championship. The credit goes to Sabia’s parents as well as her husband who supported her.

Ufone has been instrumental in highlighting these individuals across Pakistan and by doing so they have not only opened our eyes to our everyday life’s heroes but also shed Pakistan & Pakistani’s in a positive light.

In a country where good news and achievements are few and far heard of these four Pakistanis with exceptional qualities certainly make us proud and by promoting them Ufone is surely proving that “it’s all about U. ”


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