Is This SsangYong Tivoli Subcompact Crossover Coming to Pakistan?

Dewan Farooque Motors (DFM) were reportedly planning on restarting their businesses here in Pakistan a few months ago. The company was responsible for Kia and Hyundai vehicles in Pakistan alongside some other brands like Mercedez Smart cars as well.

It was reported that Dewan Farooque Motors wanted to assemble Daehan, SsangYong and KIA cars in Pakistan and this interest was also expressed to the Board of Investment (BOI) and Engineering Development Board (EDB). Soon after, Dewan Farooque Motors launched the BMW X1, the budget crossover, in Pakistan.

It seems at least SsangYong, a South Korea based automobile manufacturer, is testing waters in Pakistan. Its subcompact crossover, Tivoli, has been seen driven around in Karachi. A photographic proof of a vehicle, whose manufacturer logo and car model is hidden for reasons that are pretty obvious.


Comparison shots of similar cars result in images of the SsangYong Tivali, which looks exactly the same as the vehicle above. Take a look at some of the pictures we found on Google Images.


SsangYong was previously operated by Ghandhara Industries Limited and has been a part of the Pakistani automobile industry before. It released cars like Rexton and Stavic but poor commercial success forced the company to exit from the market.

It would be nice to see an old player return to the market. Despite DWM being a new joint venture partner, SsangYong can take the market by storm with its relatively cheaper and higher quality automobiles.

If DWM manages to release Tivoli in the market with a price tag lesser than the Corollas and Civics, the market could be in for a massive shakeup since the public is tired of having to choose between one substandard manufacturer or the other. The car is expected to retail between 2-3 million if and when it is officially announced.

What do you expect from SsangYong. Do you think they have the potential to beat the likes of Suzuki, Honda and Toyota in this market? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Source: CarScoops

Via: PakWheels

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  • i have this car photos i see this car in black and white color in karachi .. if u want i can give you

  • So finally pakistanis have realized tht the world drives cars…not corrolay civicein

  • On one hand we are banning Indian movies, on the other we are importing Indian cars. Make up your minds!

    SsangYong company is owned by Indian Mahindra Group from Mumbai. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

      • I think since 70% of the stock is controlled by Mahindra, we can safely Mahindra owns them. Ssangyong having a subsidiary in China doesn’t make it a Chinese company. You must first learn how stocks, ownerships, subsidiaries work.

      • Um… SSangYong is South Korean originally. Chinese group ran it for a few years but only controlled 51%.

        And now the Indian group owns over 70% of it. So basically, you buy SsanYong cars, your money goes to India.

        • What I read from etribune “The resumption of production by Dewan Farooque Motors will commence with the re-launch of Shehzore 1-ton single rear wheel truck along with Hyundai Powertrain in September 2016. These will be followed by Shehzore 1-ton truck with dual rear wheel in October 2016.

          Later, the company will introduce 1.5-ton Shehzore truck and a 1,600cc engine capacity sport utility vehicle (SUV) in collaboration with Ssangyong China in 2017. It also plans to launch passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and SUV in collaboration with Kia Motors, Korea in the next three years.” so it is ssangyong China .

          • Do you really need everything explained?

            Ssangyong China is a PART OF Ssangyong corporation. The one that is in South Korea. The one that is 70% owned by Indian group.

            Money made by Ssangyong China goes to India. Even if it is not 100%, but it does.

            Suppose I have a company in UAE and I make a deal with Telenor Pakistan. So any Dirhams that I give to Telenor Pakistan will eventually go to Telenor Norway will it not??? This is the same situation.

            • Actually Chinese don’t allow 100 percent foreign investment in critical categories like automobile industry.

              • Actually who said 100%? In China, up to 50% of car manufacturer companies in China can be foreign owned.

                Do you really need to make stuff up to avoid the actual fact that money going to Ssangyong WILL GO TO INDIA?

                Okay, so half your money for SsangYong trucks in Pakistan will go to China instead of 100%. Feel better now?

    • Indian Mahindra is like Indus Motors or Atlas Honda. As these are” non existence” outside India or Pakistan. Like Honda / Toyota we will have franchise from original and only to sell in Pak.

      • In this case, Mahindra owns 70% of SsangYong. According to South Koreans.

        Mahindra CONTROLS the original source. Cannot DENY that FACT.

        I don’t know why people are coming up with all sorts of excuses why we’re not doing trades with India by importing Ssangyong.

        • Ap Apni Band Karain,
          India Se Allu Aur Piyaz Be Aata Ha Aur Pak Se India Main Be Jata Ha.
          Usey Be Trade Kehtay Hain.
          Wesay Itna Bohot To Chalta Ha.
          Ap Tension Na Lain Apna Pamper Change Karain.. Shabash

      • Wow, so stupid! Indus makes cars for Toyota, Atlas makes cars for Honda. There is no car brand called “Atlas”, or “Indus”. Whereas Mahindra is a “brand”, and not a contract manufacturer. Volkswagen is a brand which owns subsidiaries like “Audi” a brand, “Porsche” a brand. Any Audi, or Porsche you buy anywhere will end up in Volkswagen’s account. Same is the case. Mahindra is a brand, which owns a subsidiary “Ssangyong” again a brand be it called “Ssangyong China” or “Ssangyong Pakistan”.
        PS: Mahindra is no “non existent” outside India. Its cars are sold in SE Asia, S America, Australia, parts of Europe and Africa.

  • yes,yes, InSha Allah it will be a great success. The is hell of a difference in a Pakistani assembled car and Korean product. price tag initially should be equivalent to GLI, manual or auto . It will be a great success.We are fed up with these two monopolists fleecing Pakistanis with sub standard cars on exorbitant prices plus “ons” &” offs ” Unfortunately there is no govt. controls on this malpractices..

  • It is much needed here, comparatively lower price brake the Tripoli of these low grade expensive car makers

  • close