Mobilink-Warid Announce Voluntary Separation Scheme for Employees

Mobilink and Warid, amid the merger and integration of both the companies, today announced a Voluntary Separation Scheme for all Mobilink and Warid employees.

This VSS will be valid for all direct employees, employees on contract or any other work-force that’s somehow related with both the companies in official capacity.

Under this scheme, employees of both the companies can voluntarily separate themselves from the company while enjoying benefits that are offered with the VSS.

As it was clear that merger of Mobilink and Warid will render some jobs redundant and hence some employees were to get relieved in any case.

Mobilink, in response to the situation, came up with this VSS campaign and has offered employees to avail the opportunity for a hassle free transition of their careers.

Mobilink said that it decision to offer a voluntary separation scheme is to provide an opportunity to employees to pursue their career ambitions elsewhere if they choose to do so. “This is in line with Mobilink’s vision of being an empowering employer”, said a Mobilink spokesperson while speaking with ProPakistani.

Mobilink further explained this scheme does not put job security at risk and that employees that opt for this scheme are being compensated with financial benefits which are above and beyond the industry norms.

According to details Mobilink and Warid employees who opt for VSS will be offered:

  • One gross salary x 1.5 x number of years with Mobilink or Warid
  • Free medical insurance for one year
  • Any provident fund

Employees can apply for VSS till November 4th, 2016 after which an evaluation process will start. Mobilink said that the decision to accept or reject any application remains with the management.

Any employee can simply go ahead and login to their company portal to see how much funds they are going get if they choose to opt for VSS.

Warid and Mobilink employees can apply from the portal itself and then wait for a decision that will be made after application period will end.

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  • My brother got email from mobilink about this… Working there for more than a decade now…. Probably will say goodbye

    • This might not be a bad thing, Mobilink will be a different organization after the merger and it will be tough for people from both Warid and Mobilink to prove their mettle and align politically with the movers and shakers in the company. It’s important for one’s career growth to sometimes look out of the shadow and into the light and that’s how we all grow. I would suggest to take the offer and reinvest the money in a startup or a mutual fund while looking for new work. Things will be much better that way, and relaxing.

      • Yeah I myself have suggested him the same.. well do you have any idea of telecom jobs abroad ? I mean which country should one prefer and are there any agents involved in hiring such engineers…..

      • Well, what cud be a startup! if one wud get 1 or 1.5 million? any idea??
        BTW better if you cud please explain the mutual fund option and if it is according to sharia?

    • well, if he wud not accept; still there will be no surety of his job continuity… A pathetic VSS offer ever!

  • I am using Ufone because it has a reasonable internet speed, good package in the form of supercard. Most importantly its a only Pakistani company

    • Uhm, Ufone is owned by PTCL (if i’m not mistaken) and PTCL itself is owned by etisalat ( a DUBAI i.e. UAE based company)

        • They may have 30% shares but they are running 100% of the management. I wish the backbone of pakistani communications could have remained a pakistani company but honestly I have no faith in our corrupt government to be able to run it.

          • Just tell me one thing is there any law that companies owned just 26% will manage all the financial matters? because its only 49% and 51% game

  • VSS offer terms are too bad. I have availed VSS from a local bank and it was way better than this offer.

      • Three full salaries + two salaries per year served + gratuity start tenor reduced from 5 to 4 years + PF + profit on PF

        Recently HSBC bank has sold its operations in Pakistan. It’s employees hired a lawyer to get benefits costing around 2,000 per employee. I don’t know the terms but their cashier with 30,000 salary and 2 years tenor got 3 Million in VSS.

        So I recommend to hire some lawyer to push the management.

        • ur vss was better than this so called mobi-warid vss.

          its too much man. 30k with 2 yrs service getting 3 million. in this pathetic vss, a person who has served 6 months & who has served 4 yrs, are getting same. aweful!

          BTW what did u do after getting ur vss?

  • i have also taken this VSS in June 2016, after that they have promised to give kids education fee reimbursement on monthly basis and it is 1st of August that i have deposited a claim still i am waiting to be approved and transferred into my account, Now today is 22nd Oct – 2016

  • Feeling Sad for all the employees. Some will lose their job and some will lose their friends. But God is so merciful, if one door closed in life, he opened 100 more for his creature. Stay blessed Mobilink-Warid employees.

  • What is Mobilink doing? Outsourcing everything?

    The big question for employees is what happens if they stay?

    • they are destroying the company. specially Warid; as their resources are much competent and handling the operations despite in 1/4 of total Mobilink employees!

      • Don’t talk about things you don’t know about. What you have stated is factually incorrect. Do you even know the count of employees on both sides?

        • I know what I have mentioned; the competency of warid resources in not hidden in market & stats are correct too. Dnt want to share exact figure here…

  • Ptcl employee also get vss but after supreme court decision, ptcl and eticsalat is not giving benefit to its employee

  • Time to move on. There were times when it was a pride to work at Mobilink. Things are not the same now. The new CEO and management sucks.
    I am happy and relieved after parting my ways and suggest my peers the same. Best of luck everybody ?

      • Well not a job this time. I have planned to start any business of my own. Even if you find a new good job what is the security they’ll keep you on board for an unlimited number of years? So I think now is the right time to change your life pattern.

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