Zong Introduces New Postpaid Packages with Unlimited On-net Calling

Zong has introduced these new postpaid packages that come with free on-net, off-net, Internet and SMS resources in a bundle.

Highlight of the Zong Postpaid Packages is unlimited on-net calling for at least two plans and up to 8GB of free internet with these Zong packages.

Starting with just Rs. 300 line-rent, these zong postpaid packages offer all sort of free resources in a mix.

Let’s get to the details at once:

Zong Postpaid Packages:

  • Z300 Postpaid
    • Line Rent: Rs. 300
    • Free on-net Minutes: 500
    • Free off-net Minutes: 100
    • Free MBs: 1,000
    • Free SMS: 500
    • Minimum Security deposit: Rs. 600
    • Base Taiff:
      • on-net calls: Rs. 1.4 per minute
      • off-net calls: Rs. 1.4 per minute
  • Z500 Postpaid
    • Line Rent: Rs. 500
    • Free on-net Minutes: 500
    • Free off-net Minutes: 250
    • Free MBs: 1,000
    • Free SMS: 1,000
    • Minimum Security Deposit: Rs. 1,000
    • Base Taiff:
      • on-net calls: Rs. 1.25 per minute
      • off-net calls: Rs. 1.25 per minute
  • Z900 Postpaid
    • Line Rent: Rs. 900
    • Free on-net Minutes: Unlimited
    • Free off-net Minutes: 500
    • Free MBs: 4,000
    • Free SMS: 2,000
    • Minimum Security Deposit: Rs. 2,000
    • Base Taiff:
      • on-net calls: 0
      • off-net calls: Rs. 1.25 per minute
  • Z1500 Postpaid
    • Line Rent: Rs. 1,500
    • Free on-net Minutes: Unlimited
    • Free off-net Minutes: 800
    • Free MBs: 8,000
    • Free SMS: 4,000
    • Minimum Security Deposit: Rs. 3,000
    • Base Taiff:
      • on-net calls: 0
      • off-net calls: Rs. 1.2 per minute

Terms and Conditions:

  • For Package Activations please call 310 Helpline or visit the nearest Customer Service Center, Franchise or Retailer.
  • Minimum Security deposit with respect to Tariff/packages is Mandatory.
  • Line rent will be charged on pro-rata basis with Pro-rates Free Minutes, SMS and Mobile internet.
  • No roll over/ carry forward of Free Minutes to the next billing cycle is supported with these packages.

  • Must write that the plan prices are excluded of tax. A 300 plan costs 400+ after 19.5% GST and 14% W.H. tax

  • trying to compete mobilink and warid as the newly announced j series are quite impressive with only exception of data volume…. mobilink should further modify its packages so as to retain warid postpaid base

  • Actually depends upon the circle you are in. If you have a zong circle go for zong otherwise mobilink/warid combo now rocks as i have 99% contacts with those networks.

  • I read Unlimited and it took me to cloud nine; then I saw on-net calling, and I hit the ground so hard. I mean seriously, who gives a damn about calling packages… we need unlimited data packages now.

  • Comparison: J300 offers 1000 minutes for 2 networks i.e Jazz & Warid and 150 minutes for remaining three networks. 500mbs and 150sms. Z300 offers 500 onnet free minutes along with only 100 minutes for 4 other networks plus 500 sms and 1000mbs. So you can go for J if u r more of a caller and Z if u text & use inetrnet more. This is surely a result of jazz-warid packages. So at this point Jazz-Warid should act promptly by increasing their data volumes or offer some really competitive data Add-ons. Those who feared a less competitive and monopolistic environment after jazz-warid merger can relax as it is only adding more fire to the competition.

  • Costly packages, Telenor, Warid, Mobilink, Ufone all are cheaper. Off-net calls 1.4/min 1.2/min really..! Was that a joke..???

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