Hilarious Twitter Responses to Shiekh Rasheed’s Great Escape in Pindi Today

No stranger to one liners that leave his admirers and critics wanting more, Shiekh Rasheed, the Pakistani politician and chief of his party Awami Muslim League has been making news all day long today.

This time he’s not in the news for his words but rather his daring escapade in Pindi as he evades arrest from the authorities vis-a-vis the Islamabad lockdown.

In this age of social media, his exploits have been captured and gone viral, and people will be talking about this for years to come.

Did Shiekh Rasheed prove that heroics are not just reserved for those with six packs? Lets dig in.

Every legend is born if he stays true to his local roots. And this is exactly what the wily politician/escape artist did:

There’s video of the same:

Seems like the Shiekh is a fan of Temple Run:

No meme is complete without the ‘You vs. the Guy She tells you not to worry about’ treatment.

And of course, he didn’t choose the thug life, but rather the thug life chose him, so deal with it:

We think he can do a song parody by himself as well:

Then of course, there’s Shiekh Rasheed, the sharpest rap star in the Pindi ‘hood:



More on the same:












Pakistani Twitterati is not going to let anyone forget this for a long time. Let us know which were your most favorite tweets in the comments below.

  • he proved to be real cunning politician wid tactics………….still he is courageous more than imran ??

  • “In this age of social media, his exploits have been captured and gone viral, and people will be talking about this for years to come.”

    Re-thing author, people will forget it within days.

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