Facebook Copies Snapchat Features Yet Again

It seems kind of implausible to believe that a network as large as Facebook’s could follow the lead blatantly copy others, but that seems to be the case with Facebook’s struggle to match Snapchat in recent times.

Their latest project is inspired directly by Snapchat’s timed messages and augmented-reality selfies. Dubbed “the new camera”, the update is already rolling out to users in the Ireland, followed by other regions with other tweaks and additions.

The move concerning filters cannot be entirely attributed to Snapchat, but it does feel inspired by it. Its overlaid masks and fluid filters are certainly enough to send alarms blaring. This was not a surprise given Facebook’s recent buyout of camera-centric apps which emulate both Snapchat and Prisma.

Apart from that, the posts also have the option of disappearing within 24 hours if they are not seen in your conversation box, which is clearly so on the nose we’ll rather leave it at that.

Try to control your surprise if you have been a Snapchat user of long. The posts created can be shared both on your feed as well as through a personal message.

The option will be one of more centered features on the Facebook app, and will be quickly accessible either through a swipe from the right, or through an icon on the upper-left corner in the main app’s interface.

This is not the first time that Facebook has tried to copy Snapchat, but it is certainly among the more blatant ones to date. It seems Facebook is ready to jump at anything which resembles Snapchat. Take Snow, an Asian Snapchat clone, which was just offered a handsome amount to become a part of Facebook.

To Facebook’s credit, it is trying to put more focus on the camera, following the company’s new “the camera is the composer” philosophy and with its 1.6 billion active users it could succeed in fending off Snapchat, too. Facebook could become better than becoming just another me-too brand like the dozens of variations already available in app stores.

Facebook has posted a new video to give an idea of how it would work.

  • Is there a law against companies copying features from their competitors? I don’t understand this joke of a post.

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