Prices for RON92, High Quality Petrol, for Pakistan Revealed

Earlier we shared the news that the Government was going to introduce better quality petrol in the future.

Well the time has come and now stations across Pakistan will begin selling higher quality 92 RON petrol. Previously the petrol stations did not have a set standard for regular grade petroleum. On average, 87 RON petrol was being sold in these stations.

What is RON and Why Does It Matter?

RON stands for Research Octane Number and is a general measure of quality for vehicle grade petroleum. Higher the RON of the petrol, the better the quality. How does better quality impact your car?

Well, the consumption rate of your car gets better with higher quality fuel. In addition the engine of your car will also last longer and will be less likely to require repairs. Higher quality petrol also has a decreased environmental impact because of lower impurities.

Performance also improves leading to better acceleration and top speeds for your car.

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Price and Availability of the High Quality Petrol

The new 92 RON petrol will be sold at a slightly higher price than the usual one. This was expected as higher quality petrol costs more as well.

The 92 RON petrol will be sold at an extra Rs. 2.75 per litre.

The petroleum ministry also announced earlier that 95 RON and 97 RON petrol will also be imported following the successful implementation of 92 RON petroleum.

Local Refineries Will Continue Working

The local refineries will produce 87/90 RON petrol which will be mixed with imported higher grade petrol to achieve at least 91 RON petrol on average across petrol stations. Attock refinery is the only one which is incapable of producing petrol of quality higher than 87 RON.

The ministry has banned the import of petroleum below 92 RON and has encouraged local refineries and companies to import 95 and 97 RON petrol as well.

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  • Anyone with technical knowledge on automobiles, can you confirm if this is good for old cards as well? I heard that anything before 1995 will be adversely affected by high quality petrol due to their design.

  • 200 Liter Diesel per month For Local Use , Out of city According to Range . Fix at any one pump .

  • supply kr bhi do roz chakkar laga laga k thak gya hon pump k. Due to this RON92 they havent supplied HiOctane since a month too

  • Need help with last heading, “Local Refineries Will Continue Working”

    Which pumps will be selling 91 RON? and which one will sell 92 RON?

  • o pagalo purana hi istamal kero.. yeh pakistani hain inhon ne tumhe super hi bechna hai RON ke dabby mai hahahahhahahha

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