Google PhotoScan Digitzes Old Print Photos into High Quality Digital Files

There are few things more painful than losing one’s childhood printed photos but Google has come up with just the right solution using its AI technology.

Its latest creation is called PhotoScan, and uses your phone’s camera to scan old photos and save them on your phone or cloud forever.

Once you’ve opened the app and hovered the phone over the photo, four dots appear on the photo moving the phone over which allows you to scan them and apply autocorrect. Focus on the word “auto correct” as there are plenty of scanning apps out there but none specifically meant to liven and digitize your old photos.

The app works differently than just regular photos in that it removes glare by taking several photos and merging them into one. The app also revels in its simplicity. Not even requiring a login to begin, the app automatically applies filters, and crops and rotates the photos.


If you don’t like autocorrect, you can edit the photo yourself and adjust the brightness, warmth or saturation level. Using 12 new looks (a not-so-fancy name for filters) give it a vintage look.

Saved photos can then be categorized according to the faces and places included. You can search under “scans” in Google Photos and you’ll see them.

Of course, the result won’t yield as high a quality as a traditional scanner but for its ease of use and colour correction, the app is unmatched. Take a look at the video below to get an idea of what the app has to offer:

Google PhotoScan is available for iOS, Android and the web starting today, just in time for the holiday season. Download on Google Play Store here or Apple App Store here.

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