4 Arrested Over Sending Fake BISP Messages and Defrauding People

Nowadays, people often receive text messages promising them cash through Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). However what they don’t know is that this scheme is being masterminded by a group of nine gangsters, four of which have recently been arrested.

In March, PTA launched a movement against deceptive and fraudulent calls and SMSs. Accompanied by FIA, PTA set up complaint centers to assess the situation better. The campaign was launched in local newspapers as well.

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It seems as if that stint did help in making a breakthrough as the arrests have been made.

Police reported that Akram, Allah Rakha, Hanif and Aslam are the four culprits who have been arrested from Chak 242-JB, Ladhar.

The police have reasons to believe that they were arrested from the same place where they set up and send automated messages to random mobile numbers, promising them BISP grant worth up to Rs. 30,000.

The culprits would initiate the conversation and make false claims of winnings. After getting a response, they demand a couple of thousand rupees via mobile banking for the processing of their case.

The arrested people told the police that they would then block the beneficiary’s number after taking the money and continue repeating the process over and over again.

Muhammad Hamza, Bahader Ali, Muhammad Tariq, Muhammad Ismail and Farooq Ahmed are rest of the people involved in this scheme, according to one of the arrested culprit. The police report that these five men managed to fled the scene during the raid.

Via Dawn

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    • Kindly forward these messages to BISP and PTA. The authorities themselves will trace him. The culprits may be arrested when people will cooperate with the responsible authorities. Those people who send such messages to make fool the others or some other purposes a stern action to be taken against them.

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