Askari Bank Starts Offering Card-less Cash Withdrawal from ATMs

Askari Bank Limited is introducing the first ever cardless cash withdrawal from your account. You can just go to an ATM without your debit card and withdraw cash easily.

You can use this facility through mobile banking channels as well. You can either use Askari Bank’s mobile app on iOS, Android and Windows or through Askari Lite Mobile Banking.

This facility can be availed at any time, just like an ATM. You will need access to an Askari Bank ATM though. Handling a physical debit card will not be a problem through this. If you insert the card inside the slot the wrong way or forget to get your card out, it can either get stolen or cause a lot of problem for you getting the card out from the slot. Cardless withdrawal will remedy this problem.

Secure and Readily Available

It is available to all Askari Bank Internet Banking registered users with a functioning VISA debit card. ATM screen flow is followed for ease of use. Three factor authentication is used for added security which uses your PIN code, OTP and a reference number.

You are allowed 3 tries for withdrawing cash and a time limit is alotted on the reference number to avoid misuse.

Transactions are allowed in range of Rs. 500 and Rs. 10,000. You can either get Rs. 10,000 out in a single day or withdraw cash upto 3 times with the total amount not more than Rs. 10,000.

How To Use

Here’s how to use cardless cash withdrawal:

Step # 1 : (Transaction Initiation)

  • Open Askari Mobile Application or Askari Lite Mobile Banking
  • Log in to the account with existing Login ID & Password
  • Click on Cardless Withdrawal to initiate the transaction
  • Select Account, Enter Amount, Generate OTP (one time password) and click submit button
  • Receive transaction Reference Number at your registered Mobile Number through SMS along with instructions to activate Cardless withdrawal process at AKBL ATM.

Step # 2 : (Cash Withdrawal at AKBL ATM)

  • Visit any AKBL ATM and press Enter/Accept Key to access Cardless Cash Withdrawal option
  • Enter the following information:
    • Reference Number received via SMS
    • One time Password (OTP) set during transaction initiation
    • Amount
  • After successful authentication, cash will be dispensed by the ATM


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  • Why not just use a proximity key and fingerprint and solve it for good. This can later be replaced with retina scans.

  • thats gonna be usefull in different ways, to give money someone in another city or different ways by giving one time password and many more different uses will be there as well… great step..
    looking forward for other banks too to achieve this…

    • You highlighted a very good point which unfortunately the writer of article forget to sense and he just sticked around that “incase you forget to take out card from machine” which was a very lame reason. Why would someone forget.
      Your point made more sense and means we can get rid of those easypaisa n easycash hassle who charge a handsome share on every transfer. And likewise that easypaisa thing it is 24/7 facility and we can send money to anyone by asking them to collect from their nearest Askari atm n that too without any charges etc.

      • yes i sense it that writer forgot to mention this thats why i thought to highlight it through the comments section without any special critics… thanks for appreciation. :)

    • You use case doesn’t make sense. The article says : “You are allowed 3 tries for withdrawing cash and a time limit is alotted on the reference number to avoid misuse.” So this will not work if you want to give e.g. 1500 Rs someone else. Basically, that guy can withdraw upto 10,000 Rs using the same Reference number and OTP. This is what I understood from the article or am I missing something?

      • seems like you didn’t get the point, so allow me to correct you if you dont mind.
        they said we can use this things 3 times a day for withdrawal of an total amount of 10,000/day,
        for withdrawing an amount we only have one chance with each OTP.
        So if you gonna need to sent 1500/- than you need to give someone 3 things as following
        1. Reference Number received via SMS
        2. One time Password (OTP) set during transaction initiation
        3. Amount
        and he is all set to get his amount from nearest askari bank ATM i believe..!! :)

      • One would have to select amount as well at the time of OTP generation. So the withdrawer can only get that amount from ATM. No rupee more no rupee less.

    • Thank you Zafar Abbas Rizvi for your contributions. It’s a very useful facility in various means. And yes they should have thanked you instead of taking all credit themselves. But we appreciate your efforts.

  • complicated process. they can use fingerprint verification or using account number with routine ATM Pin.

    • Not all askari bank ATMs are biometrical supported. And many people know about some one’s account number and ATM passwords which also can easily be guessed in most cases. You know how Pakistani select passwords. I belive most of the ATM users in Pakistan select 1234 or 7867 as ATM password ?

    • Thats because HBL doesn’t have finger prints of account holders. They take from NADRA and NADRA charged them against service.

      • nadra charges Rs. 10. hbl keeps Rs. 2 as profit :)

        actually nadra is a monopoly and the CCP really needs to look into this. a database lookup definitely does not cost Rs. 10. they need to allow the private sector to provide this service which will increase competition, reduce prices and open up all sorts of opportunities.

        • Can you please inform me in which country a private organization has authorized to collect F.Ps of citizens? I don’t think so

          • India has a standardized lookup API for their Aadhar card that you can apply to get access to. That creates healthy competition between multiple service providers.

            I’m not sure what you mean by FP.

            • FP means finger prints. Is there any organization of private sector in india has open access to the FPs of whole india like Nadra?

              • I don’t know the specifics. All i know is that a) they have an API b) you can apply to get access to it. Why create an API and a system to get access to it if no one is going to use it? If you want specific information you should do your own research into it. I’m not here to do your homework for you. It’s sad that people in Pakistan are so lazy that they want to be spoonfed everything.

                And BTW in india its more than just fingerprints. They collect other biometric data too. It’s basically nadra v2.0

  • I now this system here in Saudi Arabia. NCB Bank offer this as emergency cash but didn’t try it yet. Anyway great step by Askri Bank.
    I have a question, Is there is any Cash Deposit ATM in Pakistan. I didn’t saw anyone or may be I don’t know?

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