$2.2 Billion Wind Farms To Be Set Up in South Punjab

The world’s biggest wind turbine manufacturing company, Vestas, is going to invest in making a wind farm in southern Punjab province in Pakistan.

The Denmark based company has signed a letter of intent with Chief Minister Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif, to build the first 250 MW stage of the Quaid e Azam Wind Park. According to a statement released by the Danish embassy in Islamabad, this wind farm may reach 1,000 MW in the future. Vestas has identified potential sites for the future wind farms.

One of Many Projects

This is one of the many power generation projects undertaken by the Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif in an effort to reduce Pakistan’s energy deficit. Majority of our power (a total of 25 Giga-watts) comes from hydro-electric power plants like Mangla and Tarbela in addition to fuel based power plants. More power plants are in the pipeline with some being built in collaboration with China in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor deal. These are mostly coal fired power plants with some of them being built near the Thar Coal Project.

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Jesper Moller Sorensen, political director at the Danish embassy said,

This project will contribute greatly to overcoming Punjab’s energy shortage. The government of Denmark stands ready to support the Punjab government with building further capacity and expertise in the field of renewable energy.

Will Start in 2018

The first 250 MW part of the Quaid-e-Azam Wind Park project will start in 2018. Vestas, the Danish embassy and the Punjab provincial government will be working together to gather funds for the project, according to the embassy’s statement.

With the recent Lahore smog fresh in our memories it should be noted that cleaner energy production is always welcome in a country like Pakistan. Although its not as big as the other power projects, it still provides a sliver of hope for the environmentally conscious and for the future of our world as a whole.

Via Bloomberg

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  • Talk about retrospectively vague of an article.. more like a Cliche tbh. P.S. Where’s Thar Coal Project located anyways? anyone anyone? no one? Acha….

    • There is another being built in Sahiwal. Still another somewhere near Karachi port. Both are coal powered. So not so fast with clean energy. It is going to be a long long way.

    • The “Read More” is to answer your questions about stuff that we covered earlier.

      Thar Coal Project is located in the Thar desert, if you need further clarification.

  • The Kalabagh Dam ( کالا باغ ڈيم‎), is a proposed hydroelectric dam on the Indus River at Kalabagh in the Mianwali District of Punjab Province in Pakistan. Intensely debated, if constructed the dam would have 3,600 megawatts (4,800,000 hp) of electricity generation capacity. So much shame..!!!!

    Please be noted that this is the base energy which Dams and Nuclear Power Plants provide. Solar and Wind Farms are dependent upon Light and Wind and does not provide stable energy throughout. Nuclear Power Plants are not easy to build and are also dangerous and extremely prone to Natural Disasters.

    In conclusion, out of every possible source of power generation, the most adequate, cheap, effective and safest are the HydroElectric Dams which usually server multiple purposes rather than just generate power.

  • i am from south punjab , sab bakwas hai koi project nai chalta yahan sab paise kha jaty hain , hamara Saddar (Farooq Leghari) jab kuch nai kar saka to south punjab ka in logon ne kya kar lena ha

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