Pakistani Banks Introduce 2-Step Verification for Online Credit Card Payments

Pakistani banks have deployed two-step verification for online payments through credit cards, we have checked.

According to sources, banks are in process of deploying systems that will enable credit card users to make online payments only after entering a one-time passwords — to be sent via SMS or Email in real time — for making online transactions.

This essentially means that along side CC number, name, expiry date and CCV code, customers will also have to enter one time password for carrying out successful online transactions.

According to details, this facility will be made available for both Visa and MasterCard credit cards. For the purpose, “Verified by Visa” and “MasterCard Secure Code” features are being utilized by Pakistani banks.

Here’s how these two-step verification will work:

  • Shop online and go to checkout and enter credit card information
  • Upon pressing enter, a new window will appear asking you to select a medium for sending you one-time password
  • User will select from SMS or Email to receive the password
  • User will be sent the password via selected medium
  • Entering this password will process the transaction

It must be noted that this two-step verification will be available for “3D Secure” enabled websites only.

You can call your bank to see if they are offering 2 Step Verification for online credit card payments or not.

This also calls for a need for local ecommerce websites to enable “3D Secure” on their websites.

Some of FAQs about two-step verification for online payments:

  • This service is free of charge for customers
  • There’s no activation required on customers’ part
  • Service will be activated by default
  • Service will work only on “3D Secure” enabled websites
  • This feature will be available on supplementary cards as well
  • Expiry duration of “One Time Password” will be ten minutes.

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  • These are already active on my SilkBank and Faysal Bank credit cards while Standard Chartered is going to implement it w.e.f. December 5, 2016. However, it works only on those websites / payment gateways where support for Verified by Visa and/or MasterCard Secure Code is enabled.

    • i made an apple storage upgrade purchase with my Meezan bank Debit Visa Card.

      I opened the account and within 5 days my checkbook and ATM card arrived , and they cut almost 1500 rs from my account, which i will inquire later from them.

      and then opened an online user account and had to fill a form later at local bank and within 2 – 3 working days my online account was able to SIGN in . and VOILA> since then i have downloaded Meezan banks IOS app, and its a very very good app, lots of services it has attached it self to. better than HBL .

      50 rs for service charges for activating online purchase for 1 hour minimum duration ( costing that 50 rs ) to 12 hour maximum duration ( same 50 rs ).
      and some percentage on the amount spent. Such as I spent 0.99 USD but my bank cut 105 rs. + 50 rs and 8 rs as tax or something. And it was slow service, after pressing the BUY button, my phone closed due to POWER MODE ON, and there was no info about transaction being completed. so I did the process again.

      after 5 hours , i was making the purchase again but when I was on step 2, I got my Upgrade of storage. one time can be purchased per month. but my bank cut 3 times the amout. So i had 105 rs, then 106 and 106 rs purchases. Called back the bank and they said to open a POS dispute and if the money was not CUT, you well get back your money.

      as I contacted my parent bank locally, and the manager had no experience in it, but he assured your money doesn’t go anywhere. and I will follow it up later.

      but I had made the purchase. and I was happy about it.

      better than buying 10USD itunes card for 1500 rs. from some sites through easy paisa or other way.

      some good international websites are > or its child company. etc.

  • What happens for the people who use a Debit Card (Regular Card) for their transactions and not a Credit Card ?

  • UK Visa Debit cards have the “verified by visa” facility where you have to enter your password before you can make a purchase.Some banks option for the whole password while others ask you to input parts of the password. They should have this facility in Pakistan as well. Not only is it a bit more secure but it will make it easier for people to buy online.

  • What about those sites which will enable this feature and also have a recurring cost on a monthly basis? What if sites like Netflix implement this then how will they charge us automatically as they do currently?

  • good but problem is i being the online shopping freak not found a single website who ask for such verification mechanics so first all big online and local sites to adopt such security measure .. but good step

    • pia airblue and my iptv asked for secure code Everytime and it’s a nuisance lol as i keep forgetting password and you have 3 tries than card blocked.

  • 3D Secure Protocol is developed by Arcot Systems, Inc (Indians own this company) and every bank will pay per transaction amount to them.

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