Popular Cooking Oils Are Unsafe for Health: Punjab Food Authority

Pakistan is a hub for sale of substandard products. According to a public notice issued on 27th November, the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) released a list including names of various cooking oils and ghee brands which are unfit for human consumption.

The PFA examined all the brands by collecting their samples in the survey process and found that most of them lacked Vitamin A and were rancid.

Moreover, the authority also found out that these cooking products had high amount of artificial flavor and acids which are harmful for the human health.

The Food Authority confirmed that a total of 71 samples were tested from companies that manufacture ghee and oil. Out of the total, 42 were deemed as unfit for use. The PFA issued a letter to the respective companies, asking them to clarify their stance on the situation.

Prominent names such as Shaan Cooking Oil and Soya Supreme Cooking Oil are included in the list, which has given birth to a whole new debate.

The list includes the following products:

  • Absence of Vitamin A and Low Sponification Value
    • Shan Cooking Oil.
    • Shan Banaspati.
    • Smart Canola Cooking Oil.
    • Ghani Cooking Oil.
    • Shan Taj Cooking Oil.
    • Soya Supreme Cooking Oil.
    • Kashmir Canola Oil.
    • Cukoo Banaspati.
  • High Amount of Acid Values 
    • Sufi Sunflower Cooking Oil.
    • Soya Supreme Banaspati.
    • Olio Premium Canola Oil.
    • Momin Cooking Oil.
    • Mayar Banaspati.
    • Momin Banaspati.
    • Season Banaspati.
    • Sundrop Cooking Oil.
    • Tullo Banaspati.
    • Tullo Cooking Oil.
    • Salovi Spanish Olive Oil.
    • Maan Banaspati.
    • Naz Banaspati.
    • Kissan Vegetable Ghee.
    • Malta Banaspati.

PVMA former chairman Atif Ikram said that food chains such as KFC and McDonalds are also consuming the local cooking products, which means that majority of the system is compromised. He stated that the government needs to take action against such as them as well.

”Around 120 mills across the country, manufacturing more than 10,000 tons of ghee and edible oil daily, have stopped their production while raw material dispatch has also been stopped from Karachi,” said Pakistan Banaspati Manufacturers Association general secretary Umar Islam.

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    • Thanks same “pro?”pakistani that promotes Monsantos GMO crops. and doesn’t have time to google before posting a story.
      See #amir how credibility is lost. Would I trust you with my cholesterol levels ?

      • wth is wrong with people in pakistan ? they just know how to criticize and be negitive all the time .. i mean can you do even 1 percent of what he is doing ? get a life please

      • Wao… Do you have website/blog like this? If you have then why dont you do the things that you think are right. And then comment here “Oye Propakistani, meri sire dekh ja kr aisy krty hain kaam. tum ko tu kaam krna hi nahin aata.”

        Mein bht purana reader hn propk ka. Yeh jitny bhi criticize krny wally jb feeder pi rahy thy tb se propakistani kaam kr raha hai aur kaafi acha kaam kr raha hai. Ab propakistani ne apny scope ko barhaya hai tu kuch mistakes ho rhai hain. I am sure these mistakes will be gone soon.

  • hainnnnn!!! I am really confuse which oil now to use or not…. everything in Pakistan is made of substandard products…. except poison….

  • Pakistani foods contain more oil than saudia and all available spices in the kitchen. It doesn’t really matter which oil is healthy or unhealthy bcuz the end result is unhealthy

  • tip : expensive oil are highly are refined thats why they are expensive the less oil is refined it will be cheap…maybe unhealthy, olive oil is very expensive but you if you put it in salan’ phir maza nahi dega
    i uses canola sunflower cooking oil not sure if its available in all citys..

    • Dil ka tou mamla hai per agar ganda oil khaya tou mamala kahien aur se niklay ga jakay. Is liye sanbhal k.

  • Evian cooking oil can be used along with Habib cooking oil. They are mid ranged but not expensive. You can not tolerate on your health.

  • Tullo is also in the list…You guys remember their advertisement saying like “Ammi Tullo me pakao humhe sehat mand banao”… LMAO

    • Alive nahi kuch dair k liye hosh main aya tha, ab setting hogai hai already. Aur yeh tai huwa hai k ab chapay nahi marien jayien ge.

  • Instead of improving the quality, the GHEE association went on strike. This shows the complete lack of respect to health and safety of ordinary consumers by the trade mafia. They should be banned and heavily fined instead.

  • Okay, so my question here is from where did they pick the samples and what was the criteria of the lab tests? If we are being asked to quit these cooking oil brands then I think we need some authenticity and evidence on this report because here we are talking about some well known big names which are being used for decades.

    • This is just a baseless senseless propaganda being made to scare people off. Rather than using these cheap tactics, they should focus more on providing authentic information with proper sources.

      • @farahzafar:disqus We based our report on a public notice released by the Punjab Food Authority. Assessing whether their findings were accurate or not, it is beyond the scope of this news.

  • A few questions:

    Q1. What is the authenticity of the test conducted? Why aren’t the evidence, test criteria and other facts & figures shown by Punjab Food Authority Force?
    Q2. From where the test samples were picked?
    Q3. Does the test criteria follow internationally accepted standards?
    Q4. The brand names highlighted in the news have been serving the country for decades. If this is true then why such tests and actions didn’t take place earlier?
    Q5. Why has the conclusion been drawn on this by people so quick without knowing the actual facts & figures? I think some people are forgetting that this is from the source (government) who we blame for corruption every day. ‘
    My personal opinion on this is that highlighting the brand names in the news could be the reason of bribery as I have been one of these brand’s users for a long time and didn’t notice anything unhealthy in it ever.

    • U didn’t notice it though u r using it from years. It’s may be because it’s not a poison which will show its effect right away n people will fall. But they are still harmful let’s suppose these destroy your immune system etc.

  • They also should release a list of safe alternatives. Thats not a way to just release the harmful. They should release the list of safe items.

  • Just issues a letter for clarification? What is this a joke? At least presence of harmful substance like acid should have resulted in closure of such companies for playing with health of Pakistanis and severe penalties with owners taken to court for harming Pakis

  • Buy fresh mustard oil easily available everywhere.. heat it up for 10 minutes and smell goes away.. nothing like it.. (though a bit expensive)

  • We demand inquiry as this is the duty of concern Authorities to look into the matter for consumer’s concern. Punjab Food Authority (PFA) firstly clear him self to clear about the controversy of their own directer Aisha Mumtaz. PSQCA licencee products should be checked by PSQCA which is a fedrel authority. There is food of thought in statement of PVMA former chairman Atif Ikram as he rightly said that food chains such as KFC and McDonalds are also consuming the local cooking products, which means that majority of the system is compromised?

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