PTCL, Ufone Introduce Whistle-Blower Programs to Eliminate Corruption

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited and Ufone have introduced whistle blower programs to eliminate any misappropriations with-in the companies.

Information available on official websites of both PTCL and Ufone mentions that anyone can come up and report any corruption, forgery, misappropriations or any sort of ill-deeds directly to the top management.

Ufone, PTCL said that such reports — from with-in the company, any partner vendor or from outside company — will be kept confidential, however, identity maybe revealed if there’s a legal requirement.

PTCL, Ufone said that all reports should come along with verifiable evidences or company may not undertake any investigation.

It must be mentioned that defamation cases maybe registered against whistle-blowers who deliberately submit false allegations, no matter how minor they are.

Specific examples of circumstances where a Whistle Blower can raise concerns could include but shall not be limited to:

  • Over-invoicing, demanding, seeking or acceptance of kick-backs, payment for goods or services not supplied or rendered and any act of fraud, bribery and corruption;
  • Forgery of company documents and financial instruments like cheques and securities;
  • Theft or misappropriation of company’s funds and property;
  • Conflicts of interest and abuse of office;
  • Disclosure of business secrets and other confidential company information obtained during the course of employment;
  • Usage of confidential information to obtain a personal reward or advantage;
  • Compromising the interests of PTCL/Ufone in dealings with vendors or contractors, consultants or suppliers;
  • Misuse of Ufone/PTCL property;
  • Misuse of authority;
  • Misuse of systems or sharing of passwords;
  • Discrimination towards any staff member, customers or any stakeholders on the grounds of sex, race or nationality;
  • Engaging in illegal or unlawful acts; and
  • Compromising PTCL/Ufone’s Safety Health & Environment (SHE) standards.

It must be mentioned here that whistle blowers can report instances directly to Etisalat — the parent group of PTCL and Ufone — for any investigations.

Reports can be made on following addresses:


  • [email protected]
  • + 92 334 0000 911
  • Chief Internal Auditor,
    Pak Telecom Mobile Limited
    Ufone Tower, 55 C, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area,
    Islamabad – 44000 – Pakistan


  • [email protected]
  • +92-51-2283159
  • Chief Internal Auditor,
    4th Floor, E Block, PTCL Headquarters,
    G 8/4, Islamabad


  • [email protected]
  • + 971 800 2002
  • Chief Internal Auditor – Etisalat Group and/or the
    Corporate Secretary, Etisalat Group
    PO Box 3838, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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    • 700m nahe bhai 800m$ which equals to 80arabs rupees. Pending for the last 10 bloody years.
      Which causes loss of thousands of employees and money of old pensioners.
      Privatisation of PTCL itself is history biggest scam. One profitable and most sensitive department privatised to foreign company not even a local company.
      First investigate this.

  • The first case should be filed against ptcl itself as it failed to provide good service to its customers.

  • I would like to report a fraud of 800 million US dollars. A company called etisalat failed to pay this amount to majority shareholder of PTCL which is govt. of Pakistan. They have been using laughably stupid excuses against it.

  • What happened with ufone marketing team. No new package, even no advertisement. All those funny ads gone. Is ufone is about to die?

    • Because there are new kids on the blog. Ufone marketing heads changed and they just getting salaries. They still rely and earning money from Super Card one of the best product of Ufone.
      Nothing new because the management now is extremely incompetent and they removed competent people.

    • Ufone contract with those funny guys is no more.
      And their all focus is now on merger of PTCL and Ufone. They are merging management and operational departments and soon their customer support and marketing department will become one. Merger will will be completed within one year including marketing and service

      • New people new khanchaas lol
        Bunch of incompetents specially in PTCL rueining these company like hell. Hell to the future and sirf tum hi reh gaye ho ka end time chul raha hay.
        They destroyed company and employees too.
        The worst product and services of PTCL and the worst network of Ufone specially Ufone 3G is the most pathetic one. Ufone dropped down from second to second last. Lanut hay in per.

  • It’s a joke, when EVP level involved in corruption. Who will investigate? One Exchange SBM/BM approximately earn 70-80 Lacs in One Budget Year. So think of GM- RGM-EVP. :D

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