FBR is Investigating a Common Man with Rs. 17K Salary for Allegedly Holding Offshore Accounts

Just when you think that our politicians have broken all records in shaming themselves, along comes a new story that makes you revisit and reevaluate what’s real and whats not.

Everyone knows the case of Panama leaks by now and how the top leadership of the country thinks that its a non-issue at best. Stashing millions of dollars abroad is chump change according to the elite here.

And then there’s Fazal Khan, a common man who has worked and labored like most Pakistanis, who takes home a monthly salary of Rs. 17,000, is being sent extremely bizarre notices from the Federal Board of Revenue.

Here’s what the notice tells Mr. Fazal: Submit your wealth, tax details since your name is in Panama Papers.

The poor man is clueless about what Panama is actually all about.

These very same papers and their publication has brought down leaders in other countries. And Mr. Fazal is now been hounded by the tax authorities for holding offshore assets abroad.

Media reports cited that Fazal Khan lives in a humble setting with a normal lifestyle. He has been employed for 14 years in job that currently pays him Rs. 17,000.

It boggles the mind that such double standards are employed in Pakistan – one for the rich and famous, the other for the rest of the populace that just wants to make ends meet.

We will continue to update the story as more details come in.

  • So unless you’re a politician or well-connected, you’re automatically guilty until proven otherwise.

      • this is very true , because all rich businessman do corruption every now and then, either they bribe to get tenders or get things done and what not, very few people are doing halal business in pakistan….and halal ka thora hi hota hai … tub bher bher bher ke nahi hota.

  • This is just to scrap the whole Panama thing. Make some serious doubts about Panama and all the blacksheep will came out clean.

  • Law is a special kind of web, through which big and mean insects pass through easily, but small and weak people get stuck very badly…

  • so FBR had no power to investigate about Shareef family, but has all the power to investigate when there is a name of poor man in panama papers…..such a shame !

  • Ever heard of Kacha Khata or Kacha Account? I think his masters have used his IDs to register offshore company (may be called Kachi Company).

    A kacha account is opened in the name of employee of ABC company and owner of said company holds signing authority of that account. Employee may be kept ignorant or he may know but cannot go against his lords.

  • plot twist — Sharif family has used even his credentials to stash wealth! I wont be surprised.

  • Offshore company banana koi jurm nhi hai. YEah sub bakwas hai. Aik duron ko phansaya jaraha hai. Kiya hogaya agar kisi ne offshore comoany banali to? Koi parhle foreign law offshore company is not illegal.

  • FBR doesn’t have the data, so they are clueless who to contact. They are trying to send notices to everyone who have a similar name as per panama papers. #DFM

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