NBP To Have 1,500 Domestic Branches and ATMs by Next Year

The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) plans to open up 1,500 domestic branches and 1,500 ATMs by the end of 2017, making it easier for customers to have access to banking services anywhere, anytime.

NBP already has 1,409 branches in Pakistan and 25 overseas branches in 18 countries and it has the widest network coverage in the country. With that being said, it’s pretty clear that the target of 1,500 domestic branches is not too away or difficult for NBP anymore.

NBP branches can be found in various parts of the country be it from the villages, deserts, mountains to even metropolitan cities. It has the largest rural franchise and presence in all urban commercial centers of the country.

NBP’s Role in Serving the Nation

Bank sources say that the National Bank of Pakistan has always been playing an important role in the growth and advancement of agriculture ever since it first came along. They say that it is the backbone of economy and it plays a vital role in the social uplift of the local populace along with increased financial inclusion.

“The Bank’s strategic alliances with Telecos with over 150,000 agents, over 1300 ATMs network and other technology driven delivery channels has given NBP even a more wider access to its customer base.”

NBP also aided the country a lot when it came to Islamic banking. Realizing the need and importance of Islamic banking, NBP Aitemaad Islamic Banking branches increased from just 18 branches in 2013 to 118 branches at the present day. Due to that, NBP Aitemaad is now the 2nd largest Islamic Banking Window (IBW) amongst conventional banks.

Moreover, NBP has also supported armed forces/law enforcement agencies of the country no matter when they were needed. NBP always came forth in terms of financial contribution under corporate social responsibility or else providing a number of banking services.

NBP opened up quite a few of special project branches which are operating in different restricted cantonment areas to serve the armed forces exclusively. Furthermore, NBP also provided exclusive supplementary ATM cards and specialized rates on “Advance Salary” product for Pak Army personnel.

  • eN Beeeeeee Peeeee is the worst form of company, quite like its sister organisation Peeee Teeeee Seeee Ellllllll,
    Have you ever visited the so-called MAIN BRANCH of Rawalpindi Saddar????
    A lot of Govt’s “rusted” employees forced to draw cash from its cursed network. It’s a worth watching scene there….
    They Cut Off One-Link facility turning into NO-LINK facility, then it’s almost all ATM’s are out of order, and in second place these are out of service , and last but not least , OUT OF CASH…..
    NBP , pleaseeeeee forgive us and do handle only Govt’s cash and spare the public and consumer -level banking , please leave it on commercial banks….. Your employees even have no attitude or mindset to reply to customer’s complaints… That’s sure…

    • I also had a very bad experience with NBP saddar branch. Out of 4 ATM machines in a row 3 were out of of order. I used MCB atm card and unfortunately i tried on first 3 out of order ATM machines first. Instead of being charged fro 1 transaction from 1 working ATM machine, i was charged for 2 transactions and even after 1 week transaction was not reversed. I had to visit MCB branch and i filled claim form there. I am still waiting for the transaction to reverse.

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