Facebook Launches Live 360 Video Streaming

Just yesterday it was announced that Facebook is going to launch its support for 360-degree Live streams, called Live 360.

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Today on 13th December 2016, National Geographic’s Facebook page will publish the first 360 Live video at noon Pacific time (1AM on Dec 14th in Pakistan) as scientists emerge from 80 days in isolation pods at Utah’s Mars Desert Research Station.

The Live stream will feature footage from the landscape of Mars and interviews with the researchers.

About the Mars Isolation Pods

These seven space scientists from around the world have spent their past 80 days in isolation pods, simulating every aspect of life on Mars.

National Geographic will be live in Facebook as these scientists emerge from their pods. The scientists will let us have a look on some behind the scenes action, allowing us to see how they suit up in their space suits, explore the living quarters, take a rover out for a drive across the surface of Mars, and much more.

Facebook Live 360 Videos

Facebook will even take questions from the Facebook audience in their Q&A session with the experts, writers and thinkers.

Live 360 videos is going to be made available to more pages via the Live API in the coming months, and it will roll out for all the pages and profiles next year.

An example of Facebook VR in action

Right now there’s no support for VR headsets in Facebook Live 360 videos, but you can watch the replays there. There’s no support for 4K resolution right now either or audio from space, but Facebook says that they have “things they’re thinking about”.

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