Govt Strengthens CPEC Security Force With 700 Police Personnel

Over 700 police units including 384 were deployed from the Razzakabad police training center for the special protection unit set for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor .

At the passing out parade held at the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Elite Police Training Centre Razzakabad, Chief Guest IGP AD Khowaja said that 1,200 units have been recruited for the CPEC special protection unit.

The IGP said that the CPEC was a huge asset for the economic development and progress of the country.

Bringing the topic to how the Police force has countered terrorism he added that:

“The Sindh Police are committed to root out terrorism and cleanse the society of criminal elements and are important assets to the country.”

Khowaja also spoke about the sacrifices made by the Sindh Police Force in the fight against terrorism.

CPEC Security Force Gets Expanded

Back in September 2016, a Special Security Division (SSD) was raised, consisting of nine Infantry Battalions and six Civil Armed Forces wings which was tasked to provide security to 8,819 Chinese professionals working in Pakistan on CPEC.

The Nine Composite Battalions of army consisted of 9,229 units. This increased the total number of personnel at CPEC to 13,731.

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The total cost of raising the force and providing it with necessary equipment summed up to Rs22.60 billion. The government spent Rs5.77 billion in raising civil armed force component, while 15.8 billion are being incurred in terms of Army component. As for the purchase of equipment, about Rs 1.3 billion was spent.

Via PakistanToday

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