Pakistani Hacker Group Takes Down Google Bangladesh Momentarily

Internet users in Bangladesh had not been able to access the search engine Google since Tuesday morning.

That’s right, Google Bangladesh had been hacked.

If you tried to go “”, a black screen appeared with a message on it which says “Google Bangladesh STAMPED by Team Pak Cyber Attackers” along with “security is just an illusion” below it and “Pakistan Zindabad” at the bottom.

The hackers even identified themselves at the hacked page with a message that says “Struck by Faisal 1337”.

Not just that, there’s also a link to hacker’s Facebook page given there along with the hacker’s email ID.

A lot of screenshots of that have been posted across social media by now with different kinds of comments on it.

Google, after the cyber-attack, did allow Bangladeshi users to access

The hackers redirected the information for ““ on BTCL’s DNS entry so the users would end up on different pages whenever they try to access Google Bangladesh.

“There had been a problem, which has been fixed” said Director (PR) Mir Mohammad Morshed.

Google Bangladesh is currently accessible again and works just fine.

Via BdNews24

  • Sad.
    Google helps millions of people every single day in Pakistan. How would we have felt if someone had done this to us?
    These hackers should have instead put on a message of Love and Peace between Pak and Bangla.
    They should apologize.

    • There is nothing wrong with it He just showed his points that even companies like Google are not secure prompting Google Bangladesh to increase its security level hence a good work

      • I’m sure you along with a lot of other people wouldn’t like it either if you weren’t able to access Google. So no its not “good work” no matter who it happens to @disqus_JzxJ9ufgPM:disqus

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