#FixIt: This is What Pakistan’s Viral Civic Campaign Has Achieved in 1 Year

It has been one whole year since Alamgir Khan, a social worker and activist, started his Fix It campaign with just a few cans of spray paint.

He caught the headlines by drawing a portrait of former Chief Minister Sindh, Qaim Ali Shah, alongside missing manholes and uploaded those photos to social media.

The idea of that highly publicized stunt was to highlight an issue that the authorities have turned a blind eye to in Pakistan’s biggest city.

Following that incident, his social media campaign spread like wildfire and he quickly garnered support from his fellow citizens. Soon after, he started a #FixIt movement, taking action and fixing the city’s issues with fellow citizens and volunteers. The campaign has now expanded to other parts of the country as well.

The social media campaigner and civil activist has now revealed what the campaign has achieved in the past 12 months.

Let’s take a look at the major achievements of the Fixit movement below:

  • During the past 12 months, they fixed over 33,000 manhole caps.
  • To make the city green again, FixIt campaigners planted over 12,000 trees.
  • Fixit introduced Deewar-e-Meherbani in Karachi which allowed people get clothes free of cost.
  • FixIt has installed 35+ “Mezban Fridges” all over the country which allow people get food daily free of cost. These fridges were donated by Javed Afridi.
  • More than 35 trashbins have been installed in populous areas. Volunteers clean up the trash bins on daily basis.
  • FixIt worked to resolve water shortage issues in several areas by sponsoring 17 water bores. People in those areas can now access clean drinking water.
  • The movement’s office serves free food to more than 200 people every day.
  • The campaigners have painted dozens of walls and flyovers to remove wall chalking in Karachi and Hyderabad.
  • FixIt members protested against the issue of University Road which finally led to its reconstruction.
  • The team celebrated the 14th of August by painting, cleaning and planting plants around the Wazir Mansion (Quaid-e-Azam House).

What started with Alamgir Khan, has now became a sprawling organization of volunteers and social workers. Now over 1,400 volunteers from across the country work alongside him. The movement now has 3 offices in Karachi which address the issues of the common man unlike the authorities. They are even planning to start an orphanage soon.

The FixIt team had this to say:

Today we thank our each and every member who made all these things possible and especially our donors who supported us on every stage. #1YearOfFixit

It’s amazing how the efforts of a single man led to such a huge change in one of the most populous countries in the world. It is also a lesson for people to take matters into their own hands instead of waiting for the world to come crumbling down in their surroundings. 1,400 people have taken it onto themselves to “fix” the country for free while the rest of 190 million people wait for others to do it. Let’s take it unto ourselves to fix our country by our own hands.

To follow more on this movement and its daily progress, you can check out the FixIt Facebook Fan Page.

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  • He is another “Chaiwala” who became famous overnight. He’s nothing to do with sanitation etc. Just publicity stunt for his own self.
    I’ve crossed many times in front of his house and iqra University in front of his house and there was always filth, garbage and drainage water on street. When he had no interest cleaning it. How come he’d do anything for whole city? He may be called “gutterwala” but this fixit has nothing to do with civic problems.

    • Instead of being a nay-sayer and an idiot honestly… try doing something and making some change instead of just criticizing someone else. You’re the problem that this country faces. . . and yes i do mean YOU are the problem.

      • It doesn’t matter what you mean. I told you the truth. Iqra University n his house at Gulshan e Iqbal block-7 frm where he has graduated as well. Go see the situation yourself before uttering nonsense. But you seem either a member of this thug group or u r so naive that you are commenting blindly. Go check it then talk. They are just for photo sessions and no work. You want me to appreciate for the photo session then good his mustaches look awesome even better than Nathu Lal. Happy?

      • And by the way where are those posters on the main holes? Why can’t we see those artistic photos of CM’s or mayor’s anymore? It means all the gutters are well covered in Karachi now? Stop doing drama n be practical. Other wise that police wala take better selfies than this group.

        • brother its the responsibility of state run sanitation department to clean that garbage… he just publicized the ignorance of that deptt…. so your argument doesn’t seem convincing

          • No sir, then you are not aware. They started raising funds and started buying n installing main hole covers with media coverage and publicity and they got a tractor with trolly from Mr. Aqeel Kareem Dedhi for cleaning and sanitation work. If you remember that instead of picking and dumping garbage he went and threw garbage trolly in front of CM house, which became a media sensation as well. So how come it’s not his work to clean the garbage in front of his own house? What that tractor trolly is doing parked in front of his house? Please correct your facts or don’t try to manipulate the facts. They are using this campaign merely as publicity stunt and may be for funds. No real sincere work is seen so far.

            • Atleast he initiated something. For funds or anything but initiated. Our mindset is made up that if a person starts a compaign its nothing to do with anyone else. Its his responsibility to maintain it till the day of Qyamat. If he is not sincere and stopped working why don’t you stand up and start the same compaign? Its mean you too are not sincere with this country and with yourself. Its our hobby to somehow criticise some one. We are the people who says if someone cooks food, he should serve it and put it in our mouths :D If a leader starts a protest against corruption he should do everything about it himself. Its not our headache. That Fixit guy just initiated it, provided an idea. Now its upon us to continue it as much as we can do. Does’nt matter if he stopped it or not. If we are not helping him or continuing it we have no right to criticise him.

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