Pakistan Makes History with Success of Nuclear Capable Babur III Missile

Pakistan Military has made history by successfully test-firing the first Babur 3 missile. Pakistan now has a leg up on India in terms of missile technology.

The cruise missile has a range of 450km, and it was fired from an unrevealed location in the Indian Ocean on Monday.

Babur III will allow Pakistan to respond immediately in case of a nuclear attack

Not only will these missiles send a strong message to Pakistan’s enemies, but in case of a nuclear strike, Pakistan is now capable of a second strike. The ability to hide from radars only adds to it making this one of the most advanced missiles in Pakistan military’s arsenal. Pakistan is now also capable of attacking an enemy using army, navy or its air force.

According to a statement made by Major General Asif Ghafoor, the cruise missile was launched from an underwater source and it accurately hit its target with utmost precision.

What is Babur III SLCM?

The Babur III Submarine-Launched Cruise Missile (SLCM) is an advanced successor of the Babur II Ground-Launched Cruise Missile (GLCM). Babur II GLCM was successfully tested back in December 2016.

Babur III is stealthy and hits targets up to 450km away with unmatched precision

The Babur cruise missiles are stealth enabled and are designed to avoid enemy radars and strike their target with high precision and accuracy. To avoid enemy radars and air defenses, these cruise missiles stick close to ground or sea level.

The missile has two different modes – a land-attack mode and a sea-attack mode. These two modes make the cruise missile highly capable of striking targets both on land and on the sea with stealth and precision.

Other features of the Babur III include:

  • Underwater controlled propulsion
  • Advanced guidance and navigation system
  • Global Navigation, Terrain and Scene Matching Systems

Take a look at the video below to see the missile in action:

A Big Step Forward for the Country

All of the previous variants of Babur cruise missiles including the Babur III SLCM have been a success. This brings a lot more nuclear power to the nation’s hands and it gives our country “Credible Second Strike Capability”, as the military eloquently states.

It not only represents the caliber of Pakistan’s nuclear power, but also the technological prowess and developing capabilities of our scientists and engineers as well.

This successful test is another milestone achieved by Pakistan in an emerging Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) environment.

This test fire was witnessed by several people including the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJSCS) General Zubair Mahmood Hayat, DG Strategic Plans Division (SPD) Lieutenant General Mazhar Jamil, Commander Naval Strategic Force Command (NSFC) and other senior members, officials, scientists and engineers from different organizations.

  • Alhumdulillah
    Congratulation Pakistan. Under all the stress and adversity going on, this is really a positive thing.

  • Thank goodness for another fantastic addition to our arsenal.. God forbid that someone comes to attack us while we have people dying on cold floors of hospitals or children dying from malnutrition or having 30 percentage of the population never even seen the insides of a school.. Bravo.. Bravo..

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  • God Bless you all keep it up may Allah be with you and shower his blessing upon you all we feel safe as a nation because of your efforts

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