Most Expensive Car Number Plate Auctioned in Excise Dept’s History

Department of Excise and Taxation has recently auctioned new unique and exclusive number plate series for 2017. Due to high demand for these unique number plates, auction is held every year where these numbers can be bought by hobbyists.

During yesterday’s auction in Lahore, the highest bid stood at Rs. 0.71 million. This was the most expensive bid in the history of all auctions held under the Excise and Taxation department. Auctioned number plates were sold off for the following bids:

  • Number “1” was sold for Rs. 0.71 million.
  • Winning bid for number “5” went for Rs. 0.29 million.
  • Plate number “786” was auctioned for Rs. 0.23 million.
  • Number “3” went for Rs. 0.21 million.
  • Number “7” was sold for Rs. 0.19 million.
  • Plate titled “4” was auctioned at Rs. 0.18 million.
  • Plate number “8” was auctioned for Rs. 0. 165 million.
  • Number “2” was auctioned at Rs. 0.12 million.
  • Winning bid for number “6” stood at Rs. Rs. 0.13 million.
  • Number “10” was won by bidder for Rs. 0.13 million.

More exciting and unique numbers were to be auctioned earlier today. Details regarding those will be made public tomorrow.

Similarly, Faisalabad will see an auction for FD-17, FSD-17 and FDU-17, which will be auctioned tomorrow, confirmed a spokesperson of the Motor Registering Authority Faisalabad.

He is the Editor at ProPakistani.

  • AbdulB1

    Hindu Followers believe that Number 786 is OM and South Asian Muslims blindly copy it for bismillah and promote Shirk …. .

    • :D farq b aj kal dono mai kum e hai.. zyada farq nai… :-p

    • Muhammad Musa Raza

      Everything is shirk with you guys

      • AbdulB1

        u bought any number 786?

      • Ali Salman

        And everything is probably halal for you.

        • Muhammad Musa Raza

          Yes those things which are made halal in quran and aren’t forbided

    • little knowledge is a dangerous thing bro. You should read up on Ilm-ul-Abjad, it has nothing to do with indians or OM. The abjad numeral system was in use in Arab since long

      • AbdulB1

        Watch the video .I am not associated with his sect but he has a point.

      • AbdulB1

        Another thing why Arabs don’t use 786? Why Hindus use 786 for om? Why people follow this bidat?

    • Clarity

      The Arabic letters of “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim” sum up to the numerical value 786 which explains reason for it’s liking or significance. DO YOU EVEN KNOW MEANING OF SHIRK? Shirk means including anyone other than ALLAH for worship. Person using 786 just shows his affection towards Bismillah and does not worship any other God. Clear your concepts!

      • Talal

        Prove this 786 from quran or hadith (sunnah), or cut your cr*p!

        • Clarity

          There is nothing to prove here! Do I need to prove it from Quran if I like using number 786? Go and learn meaning of Shirk before you say your cr*p

          • Talal

            So if your iman is based upon “sunni sunai baten” then you should worry about what will happen to you in the after life.

            The deen is complete. Adding anything new in it will lead to jahanum.

            • Clarity

              BROTHER! How is it connected to Imaan? How is it connected to After Life? Who’s saying DEEN is incomplete? Who’s adding anything new? Why are you saying totally irrelevant things? I am unable to understand your mindset ! I am NOT saying that I have IMAAN on that number.. It’s just I like that number.. I also like number 10.. Similarly I like number 786 or 110 also..and as one likes it, he/she can also use it at certain places where possible just because of personal liking… How is this suni sunaayi baatain or jahanummi? Where on earth has Quran-e-Kareem or Sunnah has forbidded or restricted anyone from liking any number or anything that is not Haraam? Please make some sense in what you are saying rather than just keep on repeating HARAAM BIDDAT HARAAM BIDDAT HARAAM BIDDAT JAHANUMMI JAHANUMMI… MAKE SENSE!

              • Talal

                Seems like you are a d*mb barelvi who is just giving lame excuses to use this stupid number in place of bismillah. Barelvis are the most reta*ded people breeding in india and pakistan. No matter how much one try they don’t understand anything.

                So Mr numbers liker, use 1 in place of Allah, convert entire surah fateah to numbers and use those numbers in salat.

                Also Instead of using your name, use numbers like 420. Call your mother and dad with numbers too.

                • Junaid Abbasi

                  You are insane!

        • Sayigh

          There is nothing wrong with number 786, Its just a BEAUTIFUL combination of numbers.
          It has something to do with religion. KEYBOARD JEHADI spotted.

          • Talal

            Explain that “something”.

      • AbdulB1
    • idm af

      They are also ‘Wajib-ul-Qatl’

      • AbdulB1

        You must be out of your mind

  • Please put the prices in Lac Rupees … Millions does not make sense to us :)

    • Sardar Saadullah

      1m equals 10 lacs

      • خُرّم

        I agree with Sardar Saadullah, it’s stupid to write 0.19 million instead of Rs.190,000 or even simply 190K would make more sense than 0.19 million.

        • Ahsan


    • hear hear , sharam aati hai mujhe but i always face difficulty when converting from m to lac :P

      • Usama Shahid Khan

        @sibzz:disqus, Kya faida tumhari NUST ki taleem ka? :P

        • HAHAhaha, ab aur sharminda kro mujhe :(

  • Pakpehlay

    All this happening in a Muslim country.

    dur fittay moo tay lakh di lanat

    • Saud Bin Farooq

      So.. Pakistan is circumcised?

    • Jawad Hussain

      muslim k mou sy “dur fittay moo” and “lakh de lanat” to bara acha lag rha hai……

      Hain na!

  • Jahangir Amin

    LOL… Dubai 5 sold for 33 million AED… and here 0.71 million PKR and that caption

    • ahahahha :D Aheer e koi level ki chori hai.. ya bhai ka knowledge thora sa limited hai :D

      • Jahangir Amin

        samajh nae aai

      • Ali Salman

        Google it and you will find it. Only good four digit numbers go in 5000-6000 dirhams. A new random number costs AED 650 = Rs. 18,500

      • Sher Khan

        Mujhe to yeh samajh nahin aa rahi ke aap ko article main kisi cheez ki samajh nahin aayi ya Jahangir ki comment main.. Both are very easy.. Shayed mera knowledge aap se bhi zyada limited hai

      • Arsalan Shahzad

        this is true brother :-)

    • Ali Salman

      Hahahaha I was about to say this.

      Now these number plate holders will roam around like Kings in Islamabad and people will look at him like a viceroy.

  • Waqas

    All prices are below million and you’re writing them in million. No writing sense.

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      He should write those prices in billions instead.
      0.0003 billion :)

      • Saud Bin Farooq

        Why not trillions?

      • Ali Salman

        Writter ka mazak na uraen please :p
        Encourage him to come up with a new story line next time :D

  • Engineer Nazir malik


  • Dr. Lecter

    Its funny how the number “2” was sold for 120k .. DO NUMBER

    • XeonFX

      2 number mein dewan teri number plate noun…

  • XeonFX

    When the amount is more then 1 million then your write in million otherwise write in lac or k.

  • Itna Expense Ki Kiya Zarorat thi
    Karachi Main to Ye Cheez Chai Pani Main Mill He Jati hai
    Waisay Bhi Cross Checking ka Koi Features avaible to hai Par Hamary Buzurg Traffic Or Police Waly Kaha Andriod Chala Payengy

  • khizerinayat

    IF they can be sold – I guess it was darn cheap. I missed the auction :-(

  • Alpha Bravo

    This seems ridiculous that Govt earns billions by selling just numbers :-D

  • Sayigh

    All these numbers look cool and easy to remember or differentiate. It has something to do with religion.
    KEYBOARD JEHADI’s stay away. LOL