UK Fines Pakistani Beauty Products for Using Cancerous Chemicals

Quality standards and Pakistani businesses are two opposite things it seems. Most of the local “businesses” focus on maximizing profitability and minimizing costs, even if it means using third-class materials. A recent report from a reputed international new organization certainly seems to confirm this.


According to a recent BBC News report, London Trading Standards cracked down on a number of cosmetic products being sold in the UK. Most of them were skin whitening or “beauty creams” as they are known around here.

Among them were famous brands like:

  • Golden Pearl
  • Stillman’s
  • Faiza Beauty Cream
  • Maxi Light
  • Face Fresh
  • And several other brands that are a household name in Pakistan and used by thousands of people daily.

They were charged for selling unsafe beauty products that are harmful for the skin.

15 businesses selling these products in London were fined £168,579 in total. They were fined an average of £11,239 each. London Trading Standards officers seized hundreds of similar products through a coordinated campaign as well. Retailers were also raided during this operation, with one of them having more than 3000 of these products.

These Creams Can Cause Organ Damage and Cancer

According to the officers, continued use of these products can cause skin discoloration and thinning. Some of these even contained chemicals that can cause organ damage and cancer.


One of these products, Grace Duo contained about 18% of hydroquinone a bleaching agent. This amount was the highest found in any product according to Trading Standards.

Faiza Beauty Cream on the other hand contained 0.54% toxic mercury which can cause cancer. These products contained hydroquinone, mercury or corticosteroids, all of which are severely harmful.

Most of these beauty creams are also present in Pakistan (even though the crackdown was done in London). Faiza Beauty Cream, is also sold on a wide scale in Pakistan.

The authorities are advised to take action as soon as possible and ban these from sale to stop them from causing further harm. Consumers also need to be aware of the dangers that these products pose to their health as well.

Milk/Oil Brands Harmful to Health

You may recall Punjab Food Authority’s recent reports about major cooking oil brands being unsafe for health. These included brands like Kashmir Cooking Oil, Soya Supreme and Shaan Cooking Oil.

Big name milk brands aren’t far behind with major brands like Haleeb, MilkPak, Anhaar and Nurpur selling unsafe milk as well. Punjab Food Authority put this case forward in the Supreme Court last month with some of these banned from sale completely.



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    • Even if PCSIR finds something, who is going to go after companies with strong politicians or retired army officers or burearucrats behind them??? They got rid of Ayesha in Punjab Food Authority and are now placing corruption charges at her.

      It is easy to point fingers at milk companies but tell me have you seen any supermarket REMOVE such milk products from their shelves? Also, when will PCSIR test local Coca Cola and Pepsi and Gourmet Cola for water/pesticides? Never?

      • All mineral water including Aqufina, Nestle and rest of other companies their water is also unapproved to drink as i got tested result from lab.

          • I Personally vist PCSIR, they offered us giving us PKR 20,000 Cash i will give any category certificate.
            I was meet with DY. Director of PCSIR
            This is Pakistan no body cares you.

      • Well If we can’t point any government organization then we could not point anyone involved in it.
        We should only blame OUR SELF who buy Soft Drink, Milk Powder, , even after knowing that they are not good for health..

        • With soft drinks we can say no, but for household requirements like milk (powder or normal), ghee, cooking oil, etc etc what choice do we have? We NEED to eat

  • All brands are listed here . What should we do stop taking milk . Doodwala add drity water , Babaywala add chemicals . Powderwala is expired . We should have personal gaie (cow) at home .

  • Unfortunately, every other product we are consuming in Pakistan, is made of such harmful and cancer causing ingredients. GOVT is only concerned with the taxes and the kickbacks even one could wrap a piece of poison in fancy wrapper and sell it as a organic eatable. A few good organizations are developing medical facilities for the cancer treatment which is appreciable, but no one bothers about its causes and prevention.

    • Cigarettes and smoking isn’t good for health but government worldwide allow selling to collect taxes. Even if you ban these products how sure are you that your “doodhwala” is supplying you pure milk and isn’t producing it from chemicals. If a nation is corrupt …doodh sahi nahe milay ga.

  • In Market Strength Golden Pearl & Faiza Beauty Cream are too demanding Product in Market, no body knows this is harmful or not because they don’t read any ingredients & report against this product, but they want a result to improving ourself. This product is giving you best result then to others. Government are sleeping.Kindly do not disturb.

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