First Look: This is the All New Suzuki Ciaz, Price Revealed!

It is as confirmed as it gets. Pak-Suzuki is all set to announce the new Ciaz on 8th of February 2017. The launch will take place in a private event at Lahore.

Following a huge number of leaks, rumors and spy shots, we have ample evidence to confirm the launch date and the car details. And fortunately, the car launch is just around the corner.

Pak-Suzuki, itself, has not revealed any of the car’s specifications, pricing or launch details. This will be Suzuki’s re-entry into Pakistan’s sedan market as the company hopes to affirm its place as the market leaders when multiple newcomers start car retail in Pakistan within the next year or so.

A leaked document meant for all authorized distributors has confirmed the launch date. In the letter, Suzuki calls the Ciaz as a luxury sedan and its new flagship car. It claims the car has been especially developed for the Asian market and is being imported as C&U from Thailand with 3 year or 60,000km warranty (whichever ends first).

Some of the listed Ciaz features are:

  • 1.4 Litre VVT Fuel Efficient Engine
  • Safety Air bags
  • Keyless entry
  • ABS Brakes/EBD
  • Power Pack features

Further leaks suggest the car will be available in both manual and automatic transmission options.

The car is expected to be priced between Rs. 1.7 million and Rs. 1.9 million (likely to be at Rs. 1.8 million) and take on the likes of Honda City.

You can take a look at some of the leaked spy shots of the new Suzuki Ciaz sedan below:


Image Credits: Mansoor Ahmed Qureshi

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    • no man , the interior doesn’t even have a navigation system. suzuki can never be honda…jo lain gain woh royain gain. is price main Aspire best hai even 2 3 saal purani civic bhi lab jaye ge , woh bhi is se best hai

    • Though Honda Atlas Pakistan too hasn’t left any stone unturned in ruining its own reputation by messing it all up with launch of latest gen civic but even then Suzuki ain’t reaching their standards, not in our life time.

      • Janab yeh city ke sath mooqabla kar sakti ha but there is big if .aap pagal log Civic beach main kyon la rahae ho ?

  • Did you get these pictures from PW? I am just asking. I mean they have this news from many days on their blog and you are posting now. Many readers may already have seen these pictures and this will create a bad image of ProPk. So at least you should mention from where you got these information. Thanks

  • Suzuki has a recognition as kaam chalau car in Pakistan! This Ciaz has to compete Honda City and I don’t see this any where near Honda.

  • “Pak-Suzuki, itself, has not revealed any of the car’s specifications, pricing or launch details.”

    So who revealed the price? is there no difference between “Expected Price” and “Revealed Price”.

  • Two writing mistakes,
    1) Its CBU ( Completely built Unit) not C&U
    2) It is 1.4 litter engine not 4 litter

    • I daily check proPakistani, they are my favorite Pakistani website. But they are lossing credibility with these click bait titles. “price revealed” means the manufacturer revealed the price. Not their own estimate. I have seen click baits on other posts as well. Specially one about air craft, where they claim its killed in title but below it says damage is going to be accessed if it is minor (cosmatic) or something more than that.

  • Seems like a decent car.. Made in Thailand means that finish would be better then the cheap plastic finish available in Pakistan. it’s wrong to say that its going to compete with City. with air bags and key less entry, its going to give a tough challenge to toyota xli and gli as well. I hope all parts remain genuine Thai.

    • Hello Bro, Xli is a piece of crap, it doesn’t even have power windows or ABS, so it’s going to be way better than that, yes you can say that it can compete GLi or Honda City as both have ABS and key less entry as well, but then again, it has air bags as well, which aren’t available in city or GLi. I am not fond of Suzuki, but yes it seems like a decent car!

  • the price is high as being speculated by reviewers. , however it looks v nice and a fuel efficient car ranging from 20km to 28 km if its true. interior is not so attractive .suzuki captured the market in the past due to non-availability of the options.with the price of 1.9 people will and should prefer to honda and toyota or other imported japani cars
    because suzuki is facing credibility and quality crisis since its entry in pakistan

  • Dear author. please remove first picture right after Interior heading. that is not being offered in Pakistani Ciaz.

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